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Green Arrow Footnotes
January 1974 (Volume 2, Number 1)
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  • Editorial: Footnotes, One Year Later
  • 1975 Program Committee Solicits Suggestions for San Francisco
  • Sociologists Meet in Chicago for Undergraduate Workshop Organized
        by Hans Mauksch
  • Roster of Sociologists Available: 460 New PhDs Seek Employment
  • Certification Requirements for Teaching Psychology, Sociology, and
        Anthropology in Secondary Schools (Margo Johnson, APA)
  • Sociology Honor Society Invites Chapter Applications
  • A Year of Experience in Undergraduate Innovative Learning in Brigham
        Young Program
  • Sociologists Among Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholars in U.S. in 1973-
  • Sociologists Work in Agency for International Development
  • Sociology and Foreign Policy: Peter Blau Represents ASA at State
        Department Conference
  • PSA Call for Research Papers by Undergraduates
  • New Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Announced
  • A Modest Proposal (Et tu Sociology?) (John Condry)
  • A Tribute to Maurice Jackson by the Caucus of Black Sociologists
  • Washington University-St. Louis Launches Departmental Newsletter
  • Nutrition and and the Behavioral Sciences
  • Sociological Organizations on the Intra-Regional Level
  • How ASA Responds to Threats Against Freedom of Research and
  • ASA Announces Graduate Fellowships for Minority Students, 1974-75
Green Arrow Footnotes
February 1974 (Volume 2, Number 2)
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  • Doubleheader in Canada: Eighth World Congress of Sociology,
        Canadian Sociological and Anthropological Association, and ASA
        Annual Meeting All to be Held in August 1974
  • Open Nominations Add 15 Candidates to 1974 Election Ballot
  • Working Papers: Innovation and Invitation (Peter Blau)
  • Open Forum: "Expanding the Labor Market for Sociologists" 
        (Lawrence Rhoades)
  • Where in the World is ASA? (about foreign members)
  • SWS and CSWSD Announce Legislation Project for Sociologists
  • SSRC Launches Committee on Work and Personality in the Middle
  • Letters to the Editor: "Response to Labovitz" (Franklyn Nelson)
  • Obituaries: James D. Thompson, Erwin O. Smigel, Mason Griff, James
        Mickel Williams
  • Sociologists in ARI (U.S. Army Research Institute): A New Name, a
        New Approach to Social Research in the Army
  • Minutes of December 1, 1974 meeting of 1974 Council
  • Program for International Sociological Association Eighth World
        Congress of Sociology on "Science and Revolution in Contemporary
        Societies" (August 18-24, 1974, Toronto)
  • What is a Sociologist? U.S. Department of Labor to Revise the
        Dictionary of Occupational Titles
  • Request for Information: A Study of the Confidentiality of Social Science
        Research Sources and Data
  • Focus on Social Structure Sharpens as 25 Features are Announced for
        69th Annual Meeting in Montreal
  • Social Research and Development: Notes on the Budget of the U.S. for
  • U.S. Civil Service Commission Moves to Strengthen Relations with
  • No Run on RANN by Sociologists: Small Turnout Yields Large Grants
        for Research Applied to National Needs
  • Letters to the Editor: "Data on ASA Election" (Peter Blau); "Negative
        Reaction to Affirmative Action" (Pierre van den Berghe); "On Conflict
        Methodology" (Hin-Wai Wong); "The Statistician in Sociology" (Julia
  • University Presidents Call for Aid to Chilean Scholars
  • Faculty Recruitment and Affirmative Action (Linda Kumi, ASA
        Research Assistant)
  • ASR Leads ASA Publication Circulation in 1973
Green Arrow Footnotes
April 1974 (Volume 2, Number 4)
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  • Facts Compiled from Directory: Non-Academic Employment of ASA
  • ASA Council Makes New Appointments
  • G. Franklin Edwards and Ralph Turner to Represent ASA in ISA
  • Committee on Environmental Sociology Appointed
  • ASA Council Member Orville Brim, Jr., Heads Foundation for Child
  • Search Committee for New ASA Executive Officer
  • Open Forum: "A Possible Way to Increase Employment Opportunities
        for Sociologists" (Paul Snyder); "The Challenge of New Roles for
        Sociologists in Academic and Non-Academic Settings" (Annabelle B.
        Motz); "Boundary Maintenance and Shiboleths in the Grove of
        Academe" (B. Eugene Griessman)
  • Q's and A's About the ASA
  • Interdisciplinary Cooperation Brings Social Science to High Schools
  • Letters to the Editor: Letter to Leonid Brezhnev from Peter Blau; 
        "Comment on Edgar Borgatta, "Affirmative Action in Action?" (Joan
        Huber); "Rejoinder to Joan Huber" (Edgar Borgatta); "Love,
        Sociological Style" (Bob Sessions); "Employment" (Arlene Kershaw); 
        "Summation" (Werner D. von der Ohe); "Response from ISA" (Reuben
        Hill); "Environmental Sociology" (Joel Smith); "Footnotes Fan" (Gerald
  • Jessie Bernard Wins Stuart Rice Merit Award
  • Institute of International Sociology Celebrates Sixth Anniversary
  • First Problems of the Discipline Grants Awarded
  • Schedule Lengthened, Fees Altered for Annual Meeting in Montreal
  • Authors to ASA Journal Articles to Share Equally in Reprint Fee
  • Council Meets for Mid-Year Review
  • Sociology, Energy, and the NSF Budget
  • 1970 Census Public Use Sample Data File Available
  • SSSP Meetings in Montreal to Feature International Perspectives on
        Equal Rights
  • Survey Research Problems Getting Worse, Study Says
  • AKD Now 50 Years Old
  • Q's and A's About the ASA
  • Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to American Sociological Society for
        Sale at $250
  • Minutes from March 9, 1974 meeting of 1974 Council
Green Arrow Footnotes
August 1974 (Volume 2, Number 6)
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  • President-Elect Lewis Coser Posts Plans for San Francisco Meeting
  • Presidential Perspective from Montreal: The Year in Review (ASA
        President Peter Blau)
  • International Flavor Marks Montreal Meeting
  • Portrait of New President Lewis Coser
  • 1975 Annual Meeting: Call for Papers
  • Secretary J. Milton Yinger Sums Up Three Year Term
  • Alfred McClung Lee New President-Elect; Alex Inkeles New Vice
  • NIMH Offers Research Opportunities at ASA
  • New ASA Appointments: William A. Anderson, Director of Minority
        Fellowship Program; Lawrence J. Rhoades New Executive Associate
  • Questions and Answers from the Montreal Program
  • Open Forum: "Erase Homo Sapiens" (John James); "Possible Nominees
        for 1973-76 ASA Offices" (Albert D. Biderman); "Sociology and
        Social Policy" (Pamela Roby); "A New Course Proposal: Sociology in
        Practice" (Jack Nusan Porter); "A Conventional Method of Extracting
        Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors" (Larry Chase); "Does the Ivory Tower
        Turn to Plastic in the Real World?" (Margaret DiCanio); "Organizing the
        Profession at the State Level" (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • Letters to the Editor: "Legal Rationale for the Sociologist's Role in
        Researching Social Impacts" (Pamela Dee Savatsky); "Chilling
        Response" (R.P. Cuzzort); "Gouldner's "Is?" (Don Martindale); 
        "Seminal Plot" (Mary Schwab); "Response to Motz" (Stephanie
        Garrett); "To: Dean of Faculty" (Stanley Grupp)
  • Obituaries: Irene Barnes Taeuber
  • Report of the Executive Officer (Otto Larsen)
  • Report of the Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women (Joan
  • Editors' Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Section Reports
  • Minutes of June 1, 1974 meeting of 1974 Council
  • 1975 Program Supplement
  • ASA Launches Study to Improve Undergraduate Programs in Sociology
  • First 20 MFP Fellows Start Training; Applications Open for Second
  • Open Forum: "Colony Hutterites as Research Subjects" (S.C. Lee); 
        "Inside the Corps of Engineers" (E. Jackson Baur)
  • Photos from 1974 Annual Meeting in Montreal
  • Social Forces Marks Golden Anniversary
  • Computer-Based Undergraduate Curriculum Materials Exchange
  • National Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and
        Sciences Elect Sociologists to Membership
  • New Source of Info on Personalized Instructional Methods
  • Boys Town Center for Youth Development at Stanford
  • Invitation for Research on TV and Social Behavior
  • Letters to the Editor: "What Is the Use of Statistics in Sociology?" 
        (Hung-tak Lee); "Response to RANN" (D.S. Mileti); "Affirmative
        Action" (Kenneth R. Temblay, Jr.); "Affirmative Action without
        Affirmative Results: The Irony of Affirmative Action in Action" 
        (Bhagwati P.K. Poddar); "Scolded" (Jessie Bernard); "Constructing
        Social Systems" (Bernard Phillips)
  • AAAS Seeks College Teachers for Short Course Program
  • Materials Sought for Exhibits on Exemplary Social Graphics
  • Protection of the Subjects of Social Research
  • Conference on Transnational Problems
  • Sociologist David Goslin Named Executive Director of NRC Assembly of
         Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Obituaries: F. Stuart Chapin, Carl Mayer, Ivan Vallier, James M.
        Reinhardt, Edmund deSchweinitz Brunner, Mark Benney
  • Socio-Crostic #3 (crossword puzzle, by Gerald Marwell)
  • ASA Renews Grants for Problems of the Discipline
  • ASA Committee Selects Candidates for 1975
  • Open Nominations Procedures Outlined
  • Undergraduate Study Seeks Proposals
  • Suggestions Solicited for 1976 Annual Meeting Program
  • Open Forum: "Inside the Committee on Nominations" (Richard Hall);
        "Cultural Lag in Sociology: A Byte of a Minority Problem" (C. Jack
        Gilchrist, Fred S. Halley, John Sonquist); "Toward a More Appropriate
        Bibliography" (Warren Hagstrom, Gerald Marwell, Kenneth Newton)
  • Otis Dudley Duncan and Leo A. Goodman Receive 1974 Stouffer
  • HUD Grants for Dissertation Research
  • Executive Officer Establishes New Links to Committees
  • Two Sessions Added to 1975 Program
  • Sorokin Award to Clifford Geertz and Christopher Jencks
  • Minority Fellowship Deadline Set
  • Graduate Departments Report Downward Trend in Undergraduate
  • Graduate Departments Cite Areas of Competent Training
  • Council Takes Action on ASA Publications
  • Help for Handicapped Students Solicited
  • Pictures from 1974 Annual Meeting DAN Night
  • Obituaries: J.L. Moreno
  • Programs Offered on Western Europe
  • Questions and Answers on Areas of Sociological Competence
  • Non-Sexist Terminology
  • 1975 PhD Roster Forms
  • Minutes from August 26, 1974 meeting of 1974 Council
  • Auditor's Report, June 30, 1974
  • New Editors Appointed for ASA Journals (Doris Entwisle SOE, Allen
        Grimshaw TAS, Mary Goss JHSB)
  • Working Paper Sessions Retained for 1975 Annual Meeting
  • Unfunded ASA Fellows Named
  • ASA Executive Specialist for Minorities and Women Sought
  • Director for ASA Minority Fellowship Program Sought
  • Call for Topics and Presenters for 1976 Didactic Seminars
  • Open Forum: Otis Dudley Duncan Requests Reconsideration of Stouffer
        Award (says Leo Goodman should be sole recipient); Leo Goodman
        Seeks Broader Mandate for Stouffer Award
  • Letters to the Editor: "University of Karachi Needs Books" (Marvin
        Sussman); "African Teacher Wants Books" (Julius Chiwata)
  • NSF Announces 46 Sociology Research Grants
  • Sociologists Serve as LEAA Fellows; More Fellowships Open
  • Rutgers Searches For Non-Academic Jobs for Sociologists
  • NRC Research Associateships
  • Minority Fellowship Deadline
  • Sociologists Named Fulbright-Hays Scholars
  • Russell Sage Offers Resident Fellowships
  • Procedures Outlined for Sending Address Changes to ASA Office
  • Transfer Student Problem Cited; Action Urged
  • Record Voter Turnout Recorded for First ASA Presidential Runoff
  • Summer Fellowships in Mental Health
  • 1975 Program Adds Social Indicator Session
  • Manuscripts Solicited for Rose Monograph Series
  • Sociologist Samuel Stern Writes Column for Weekly Newspaper
  • More Sociology Majors Gained Than Lost to Other Disciplines
  • Comparison of Annual Meetings Shows Stability, Change
  • Guinean Professor Seeks Correspondent (Merton Bland)
  • Nominations Sought for ASA Awards
  • Academic Job Market Report: Some Good News and Some Bad
  • Obituaries: Harold W. Saunders
  • Training in Genetics Available Summer 1974
  • American Association for Public Opinion Research Seeks Student
        Papers for Competition
  • Photographs Wanted for Traveling Exhibit
  • Media Internships Offered by AAAS
  • ASA Executive Office Located at Landmark Address in Washington