Journal Highlights


Full text featured articles from the most recent issues of ASA journals.
American Sociological Review: Casualties of Social Combat: School Networks of Peer Victimization and Their Consequences (April 2014)
City & Community: Dilemmas of Disaster Zones: Tax Incentives and Business Reinvestment in the Gulf Coast after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (December 2013)
Contemporary Sociology: Editor’s Remarks, Critical-Retrospective Essays, and Symposium (March 2014)
Contexts: Black Philly After The Philadelphia Negro (Winter 2014)
Journal of Health and Social Behavior: Race, Gender, and Chains of Disadvantage: Childhood Adversity, Social Relationships, and Health (March 2014)
Social Psychology Quarterly: The Threat of War and Psychological Distress Among Civilians Working in Iraq and Afghanistan (March 2014)
Society and Mental Health: Spouse’s Work-to-family Conflict, Family Stressors, and Mental Health among Dual-earner Mothers and Fathers (March 2014)
Sociology of Education: Measure for Measure: How Proficiency-based Accountability Systems Affect Inequality in Academic Achievement (April 2014)
Sociological Methodology: Modeling Household Decisions Using Longitudinal Data from Household Panel Surveys,with Applications to Residential Mobility (2013)
Sociological Theory: The Problem of Excess (March 2014)
Teaching Sociology: A Collective Effort to Improve Sociology Students’ Writing Skills (April 2014)


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