Donations for Digitizing 1990-2010 ASA Journal Manuscripts, Reviews, and Other Stored Editorial Office Materials

ASA Council, the elected policy body of the Association, met in Washington, DC on March 1-2, 2014. Among its major agenda items was the disposition of stored materials from ASA journal editorial offices during the approximately twenty years from 1990 to 2010. Council has received numerous emails and other input from members about this matter.

Council had a comprehensive discussion of the Association’s options for the 588 boxes of stored manuscripts, reviews, and editorial office materials from this period which constitute an estimated 10 to 15 tons of paper files. As the attached memo discusses in detail, the cost of scanning these documents to create searchable PDF files is approximately $120,000. After extensive discussion, Council passed a motion that invites interested parties to raise funds solely to be used for digitizing these documents and provides time to raise such funds. Council authorized ASA funds solely for storage during this period (as detailed below) and for shredding them if insufficient funds are raised. ASA is also seeking additional sources of funds for digitization and preservation of these documents.

Council invites members desiring to preserve these materials to send contributions toward digitization to the ASA Executive Office, to be received by June 15, 2015. Any donation must be made with the explicit understanding that ASA Council retains complete authority to decide when and how the Association can provide access to these digitized records for scholarly research. In addition, Council affirms the principle that all research must abide by the ASA Code of Ethics.

Beginning in October 2015, Council instructed the ASA Executive Office to digitize as many of the documents as possible with the funds on hand from donations or other funds raised by the Association specifically for this purpose. If the funds raised do not allow digitizing all the stored documents, the remainder will be shredded, with the ASA Executive Office determining what to digitize and ASA paying for shredding.

For additional information, read Council's statement and the background memo.

Donations may be made through the ASA database, PayPal, or by mail/fax.

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