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James Q. Dealey

James Quayle Dealey

James Quayle Dealey

August 13, 1861 - January 22, 1937

James Quayle Dealey was born on August 13, 1861 in Manchester, England, the son of George and Mary Ann (Nellins) Dealey. When Dealey was nine years old, the family moved to Galveston, Texas where he attended the local public schools. At age seventeen, he joined his two brothers Thomas W. and George B. Dealey at the Galveston News.

In 1884, Dealey moved to Montour Falls, New York to enter the Cook Academy where he took college preparatory classes. Later that year, he enrolled at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he earned his bachelor's degree in languages in 1890. After graduation Dealey returned to Texas where he worked as a teacher. There he met Clara Learned. The couple married on August 7, 1890 and raised four children.

Dealey accepted a position as a professor of ancient languages and history at Denton State Normal School (now the University of North Texas). He resigned after a year to teach Latin at the Vermont Academy at Saxton’s River. Dealey remained in Vermont for two more years, and in 1893 reentered Brown University to receive his A.M. in Greek and German. He began teaching Latin that fall.

During his studies at Brown, Dealey became interested in the political and social sciences. He went on to complete his Ph.D. in these areas in 1895. Dealey was heavily influenced by Lester Ward, one of his professors at Brown. He joined the faculty as an assistant professor of political science in 1895. There he wrote Spanish Sources of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 in 1900, Textbook of Sociology in 1905 (with Ward), Development of the State in 1909, The Family in Its Social Aspects in 1912, and Sociology, Its Development and Applications in 1920. By 1905 Dealey had risen to rank of professor, and in 1910 he was appointed Chairman of the department at Brown University. Dealey also held other teaching appointments; he lectured occasionally at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island from 1916-1928 and was a visiting professor at Shanghai College in China in 1921.

Dealey retired from Brown University in 1928. He then returned to Texas to become editor of the Dallas Morning News, where his brother G.B. was president.

Dealey remains best known for his roles as professor and journalist. In 1930 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Baylor University. Dealey retained memberships in a variety of academic associations, including the Institut International de Sociologie, the American Political Science Association (of which he was Vice President), and the Southwestern Social Science Association (where he served as President). He also belonged to the social organizations the Critic, Town and Gown, the Faculty Club at Brown University, and the Author’s Club of London. Dealey was the tenth President of the American Sociological Society. His Presidential Address, entitled "Eudemics, the Science of National or General Welfare", was delivered at the organization's Annual Meeting in 1920.

Dealey died January 22, 1937 at his desk at the Morning News while in editorial conference with his brothers. He was buried at the Restland Memorial Park in Dallas.

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