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James Loewen Award Statement

James  W. Loewen - Award Statement

Professor James Loewen is the 2012 recipient of the ASA’s Cox-Johnson-Frazier Award. His life and work embody the spirit and intellect of the pioneering African American scholar-activists for whom the award is named. Author of scores of books and articles, including the bestselling Lies My Teacher Told Me, Professor Loewen is a model public intellectual. From his early years at historically black Tougaloo College to his later years at the University of Vermont, Loewen fought for diversity and racial inclusion in higher education. Outside academia, he testified, filed briefs, and offered statistical consulting in high profile court cases involving employment discrimination, bias in standardized testing, and the rights of prisoners and students. For these and other outstanding contributions to racial justice and human rights, Professor Loewen richly deserves this award.