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George A. Lundberg

George Andrew Lundberg

George Andrew Lundberg

October 3, 1895 - April 14, 1966

George Andrew Lundberg was born on October 3, 1895 in Fairdale, North Dakota.  His parents, Andrew J Lundberg and Britta C. Erickson, were recent immigrants from Sweden. Robert E. L. Faris later wrote that Lundberg "had his first eight years of education in a one-room school house.  At the age of sixteen he became a public school teacher, also in a one-room school only three miles from his birthplace."

Lundberg pursued higher education, first at the University of North Dakota, where he graduated in 1920.   Following college he spent a few years teaching in North Dakota schools.  Eventually he enrolled in the University of Minnesota where he studied with sociology giants Luther Lee Bernard and F. S. Chapin. Lundberg earned his PhD in 1925 and then went on to teach, spending the most time at the University of Washington where he eventually served as department chair until his retirement in 1963.

Lundberg served at the 33rd President of the American Sociological Society (name later changed to Association). His Presidential Address, "Sociologists and the Peace," was delivered at the organization's annual meeting in New York City in December 1943.

He died unexpectedly on April 14, 1966 in Seattle, Washington. Upon his death, an obituary authored by his colleague Robert E. L. Faris was published in the August 1966 issue of The American Sociologist (pp 212-213).