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Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

at the University of California-Berkeley

The postdoctoral candidate chosen for the Berkeley site will be housed in the Center for Culture, Organization, and Politics located in the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. But, we expect the candidate to take full advantage of the many Departments and Centers on campus.

The University of California's Sociology Department is one of the leading departments in the fields of economic sociology and social stratification in the world. We have a wide variety of faculty interested in economic sociology including Neil Fligstein, Marion Fourcade, Heather Haveman, and Trond Peterson. They have studied markets, firms, labor markets, govenrment, law, and the role of culture in the contstruction of economic processes. Faculty members who have contributed to social stratification include Claude Fischer, Michael Hout, and Martin Sanchez-Jankowski. They have studied poverty, long run patterns of stratification, demography, and aspects of race and ethnic discrimination. All have agreed to be part of the steering committee.

The Department is situated in the center of intellectual life in the social sciences at Berkeley. The Department has weekly colloquia that bring faculty from around the world to speak to us about their current work. We have a set of ongoing workshops organized in and around the Department that focus on work in progress for graduate students and faculty. We have faculty members who belong to a wide number of relevant institutes and centers including the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (formerly, the Institute of Industrial Relations), the Center for Culture, Organizations, and Politics (directed by Neil Fligstein), the Institute for the Study of Social Issues (directed by Martin Sanchez-Janowski), and the Population Center (directed by Michael Hout).

For more information about the Department of Sociology at the University of California-Berkeley, visit:

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Postmark Deadline: December 21, 2011