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Case 87. Introducing Students to the Review Process


Bethany Tyce has been asked to review a piece for a journal. She is an advanced graduate student who has actually published in the journal previously. However, she has not written reviews before and would like some guidance. She asks Professor Northup, her co-author on the published piece, for some assistance. He suggests two things. First, Professor Northup maintains a file of reviews he has done in the past. He offers to have Bethany look through those reviews to get a sense of how journal reviews are written. Second, because he knows that Bethany has a great deal of knowledge in the area of a piece he has been asked to review, he suggests that they both take a look the manuscript he has received and that they, essentially, do a co-review.


  1. How good and appropriate are Professor Northup's suggestions?
  2. What other mechanisms can and have been used to socialize graduate students to the review process?

     Reflect on the above questions and form your own answers before clicking the discussion key to review the commentary provided with this case.