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Case 77. The Role of Editors in Dual Publication


Professor Martin is coming up for tenure and is concerned that he may not be perceived as having enough publications. He recently published an article based on original data that includes his unique and effective index for predicting criminal behavior in adolescence. Professor Jones, a criminologists and senior member in the department, is so impressed by this work that he asks Professor Martin to contribute to an edited volume on juvenile delinquency which he is currently editing. Upon receiving the manuscript, he notices how strikingly similar it is to the published journal article. It has a different title and minor stylistic changes but essentially presents the original analyses of the data with some small changes but which change (and challenge) the original findings. Professor Jones also notices that there is no acknowledgment to the prior piece. 


  1. What are Professor Jones' responsibilities in this case? to Professor Martin as one of his senior colleagues? to the edited volume? to the Department as a member of the voting faculty on Martin's tenure case?
  2. What if Jones was an editor of a "magazine" which translates technical academic articles into interesting pieces for the educated public? 
  3. What if there were no conflicting findings?  How would that change the scenario?

Reflect on the above questions and form your own answers before clicking the discussion key to review the commentary provided with this case.