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Case 02. Maintaining Competence


Maintaining Competence
Dr. Keith Anderson was promoted to Associate Professor and tenured in his department five years age. Since that time he has reduced his research and publication rate considerably and rarely attends professional meetings or reads professional journals. He recently confided to another faculty member that his methodological skills lag substantially behind the changes in his field and that he is unable to find time to "catch up" with these developments. He insists that other faculty members are also "out of date" but they use their research grants to hire assistants to do these tasks. He believes that he will never be promoted to Full Professor and says that he is willing "to pay the price" so long as no one bothers him about maintaining a publication record.


  1. What are the obligations of Professor Anderson to his own professional development? Does he have ethical obligations to his colleagues in maintaining the department's research, grant, training and teaching goals? Does this vary from one campus to another?
  2. Do faculty members have a responsibility to be current in the research literature and methodologies of their field? Is this an ethical responsibility when we supervise thesis and dissertation research?

Reflect on the above questions and form your own answers before clicking the discussion key to review the commentary provided with this case.