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Topic: Responsibilities of Reviewers

Because the peer review process deals with both manuscripts for publication and proposals for research support, the role of reviewers, like editors, deserves special consideration. It can involve ethical issues that are unique to the situation. For example, once a commitment is made to review materials, a timely response is required lest the process be compromised by delay. In the relatively small world of sociological research, conflicts of interest between a reviewer and an author are likely and need to be acknowledged when they do occur. The confidentiality of the content being reviewed and of the author(s), if known, is to be respected and maintained. In addition, even informally reviewing work for students and colleagues may add special considerations, given the disparities in status and power that may exist in such relationships.

Case 84. Reviewing the Work of Students

Case 85. Acknowledging the Insights of Reviewers

Case 86. Citing Work Known through the Review Process

Case 87. Introducing Students to the Review Process

Case 88. Unauthorized use of an advisor