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Department Chairs

The links below contain ethics cases that may be particularly useful to department chairs in sociology. These are geared toward sociologists in positions of administrative leadership and deal with issues that may provide challenges to them.

Case 02. Maintaining Competence

Case 03. Maintaining Competence

Case 06. Off Campus time and teaching responsibilities

Case 08. Nondiscrimination based on national origin

Case 10. Exploration or Exploitation?

Case 11. Fair Distribution of Workload

Case 12. Sexual Relationships

Case 14. Part-time Employees

Case 16. Responsibilities of Academic Sociologists as Employees

Case 19. Hiring Practices

Case 20. Early Tenure Evaluation

Case 27. Refusal in the Case of Conflict of Interest with Respect to a Relative Who is also a Colleague

Case 47. Maintaining Confidentiality of Faculty Hiring Decisions

Case 56. Student Research on a Sensitive Topic

Case 68. Plagiarism in Coursework

Case 72. Acknowledging Credit in Professional Work

Case 89. False or Deceptive Statements

Case 91. Filling Last Minute Teaching Gaps

Case 92. Equality in Training Opportunities

Case 93. Change in the Classroom

Case 98. Clueless

Case 100. Student Confidentiality

Case 103. Hiring and Non-Prejudice