American Sociological Association

Section on Sociology of Sexualities

Mini-conference Papers

Sociology of Sexualities:

Assessing the State of the Field

Produced by Crossing Boundaries, Workshopping Sexualities
ASA Sexualities Section, Preconference Workshop
Denver, CO, Aug 20-21, 2012

In August 2012, the Sociology of Sexualities section held it’s first ever stand-alone mini-conference (you can find an archive of the conference website here). Each participant was assigned to a workgroup and each workgroup was asked to write a brief working paper laying out the key theoretical questions in these areas and assessing the most significant areas for future research. We asked each workgroup to focus on methodological concerns and ways to negotiate these issues. We hope that hese working papers will provide a resource for graduate students as well as faculty working in the field.

Crossing Boundaries, Workshopping Sexualities is supported by a grant from the American Sociological Association's Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline Award supported by the American Sociological Association and the National Science Foundation. We would also like to thank our generous co-sponsors, the ASA Section on Sexualities, the ASA Section on Sex and Gender, the Caucus on Transnational Approaches to Gender & Sexuality, the University of Colorado-Denver, the University of Denver, and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Below, please find links to downoad each working paper individually. You can also click here to download them in their entirety as a single PDF file.

  2. Critical Heterosexualities
  3. Ethnographic and Inteview Methods
  4. Sexuality, Law, and Citizenship
  5. LGBTQ Histories
  6. Media and Sexualities
  7. Queer of Color Approaches
  8. Sex Work / Trafficking
  9. Sexual Communities
  10. Sexual Health and Science
  11. Social Movements and Sexualities
  12. Transgender / Gender Queer
  13. Transnational Sexualities
  14. Violence and Sexualities
  15. Youth and Sexualities


Mary Bernstein, University of Connecticut
Chair, Steering Committee, Crossing Boundaries, Workshopping Sexualities