American Sociological Association

Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict


Section Leadership

Council Members (with term end)


Article Award Committee

Karin DeAngelis, Steve Carlton-Ford and Greg Maney.

Book Award Committee

Joyce A Apsel, Lynne Woehrle and Andreas Wimmer.


Vida Bajc, Steve Carlton-Ford, Mary Kniskern

Mentoring Committee

Greg Maney , Chair

Newsletter Committee:

Josh Klein, Chair,


Andrew London, Chair

Reception Committee

Greg Maney, Chair

Robin M. Williams, Jr. Award Committee

Greg Maney, Chair, David Rohall , Juanita Firestone

Student Paper Award Committee

Eran Shor, Amy Kate Bailey, Helen Raisz and Daniel Blocq


David Smith



Meredith Kleykamp, University of Maryland (2013-2014)

J. Craig Jenkins, Ohio State (2012-2013)

David Rohall, Western Illinois University (2011-2012)

Greg Maney, Hofstra University (2010-2011)

Juanita Firestone, University of Texas - San Antonio (2009-2010)

David S. Meyer, University of California, Irvine (2008-2009)

Louis Hicks, St. Mary's College of Maryland (2007-2008)

Lee Smithey, Swarthmore College (2006-2007)

Morten Ender, United States Military Academy (2005-2006)

Sharon Erickson Nepstad, Duquesne University (2004-2005)

Meyer Kestnbaum, University of Maryland (2003-2004)

Lynn Woehrle, Wilson College (2002-2003)

James Burk, Texas A&M (2001-2002)

Gordon Fellman, Brandeis University (2000-2001)

Mady Segal, University of Maryland (1999-2000)

Robert Benford, Southern Illinois University (1998-1999)

Mary Anna Colwell, University of California, Berkeley (1997-1998)

Jennifer Turpin, University of San Francisco (1996-1997)

Lester Kurtz, University of Texas-Austin (1995-1996)

Kurt Lang, University of Washington (1994-1995)

Ruth Searles, University of Toledo (1993-1994)

Sam Marullo, Georgetown University (1992-1993)

David Segal, University of Maryland (1991-1992)

Louis Kriesberg, Syracuse University (1990-1991)

John Lofland, University of California- Davis (1989-1990)

Kai Erickson, Yale University (1988-1989)