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Section Activities at the 2014 ASA Meeting in San Francisco

Sunday, Aug. 17, 2:30-4:10pm:  Regular Session: “Asians and Asian Americans”


Session Organizer and Presider: Margaret M. Chin (CUNY Graduate Center and Hunter College)

·   “Cause Right Now the World is Flat: New Asian Indian Immigrants and Racial Ambiguity.” Kavitha Koshy (Texas Woman’s University)

·   “Education Lifts all Boats? The Occupational and Earnings Attainments of Asian 1.5 and Second Generations.” Monica Boyd, Siyue Tian, and James-Junmin Jeong (University of Toronto).

·   “Failed Success: Korean Americans, Structure-Culture, and the Meaning of Success.”  Nadia Y. Kim  (Loyola Marymount University) and Christine Jin Oh (Los Angeles County).

·   “Two Ontological Views of Japanese Americans Shaped by Experiences Living in Japan.”  Jane H. Yamashiro (University of Southern California).

·   “When High-Achieving Asian Families Move in and Affluent Whites Move Out: A Narrative of Suburban Identity.”  Amy Stuart Wells (Columbia University), Lauren Fox (Columbia University), and Allison Roda (State University of New Jersey, Newark).


Monday, Aug. 18, 8:30-10:10am:  Section Session: “Work, Labor, and Inequality in Asian America”

Session Organizer: Pawan H. Dhingra (Tufts University)

Presider: Linda Trinh Vo (University of California, Irvine)

·   “Coming to America: The Business of Trafficked Workers.” Robyn Magalit Rodriguez  (University of California, Davis) and Valerie A. Francisco (City University of New York, Graduate Center)

·   “Ethnic Minorities: Playing the Institutional Game.” Hyein Lee (City University of New York, Graduate Center).

·   “Indian IT Workers and the Transnational Subcontracting of Immigrant Labor in the United States.”  Payal Banerjee (Smith College).

·   “Being Sandwiched: Korean Immigrants’ Labor Experiences at Korean Transnational Corporations in the United States.”  Eunbi Kim (University of Pennsylvania).

·   “Revisiting Ethnic Niches: A Comparative Analysis of Asian and Latino Undocumented Young Adults.”  Esther Yoona Cho (University of California, Berkeley).


Monday, Aug. 18, 10:30-11:30am:  Section Roundtables

Session Organizer: Sharmila Rudrappa (University of Texas, Austin)


Table 1:  Aging in Asia and Asian America

Table Presider: Chao-Lun (Jacob) Huang (University of North Texas)

·   “Anticipated Support from Children and Later-life Mental Well-being: A Comparative Study of United States and China.”  Cheng Cheng  (Princeton University).

·   “Asymmetry in Intergenerational Support: East Asian Societies Studied from a Multilevel Perspective’” Shuanglong Li (Kyushu University) and David Macro (Utrecht University).

·   “Grandpas on Bikes, Grandmas in Cars: Gendered Attitudes Regarding Physical Fitness among South Asian Immigrant Seniors.”  Sabeen Sandhu (College of Alameda).


Table 2:  Asians, Asian Americans, and Health

Table Presider: Ke Liang (City University of New York, Baruch College)

·   “Overweight/Obesity Penalties in Economic Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study of Chinese Adults, 1991-2009.”  Chih-Chien Huang, Scott Thomas Yabiku, Stephanie Ayers, and Jennie Jacobs Kronefeld (Arizona State University).

·   “Understanding the Mental Health Status of Migrant Workers in China.”  Lei Lei (State University of New York, Albany).

·   “Racial-Ethnic Identity Pairings and the Mental Health of Second Generation Asian Adolescents.”  Preeti Mansukh Vaghela and  Koji Ueno (Florida State University).

·   “We’re All So Red! The Alcohol Flush Reaction and Asian Ethnic Identification.” Alexandra Hamada, Han Guel Jung, Karl H. Orozco, and Greggor Mattson (Oberlin College).


Table 3:  Interrogating Race

Table Presider: Hyeyoung Kwon (University of Southern California)

·   “What Explains the Rise of Ethnic Minority Tensions in China?”  Reza Hasmath (University of Oxford).

·   “Belonging and Boundaries in Little Guyana: Ethnic Enclave Interactions Among Middle Class Second-generation Indo-Guyanese Americans.”  Nazreen Sameena  Bacchus (City University of New York, Graduate Center).

·   “Filipino Americans: A Case for an Immigration Perspective on Social Class.”  Brenda Gambol (City University of New York, Graduate Center).

·   “Is Brown the New Black? South Asians and the Racial Ethnic Divide.”  Radha Modi (University of Pennsylvania).


Table 4:   Marriages, Markets, and Family

Table Presider: Leslie Kim Wang (University of Massachusetts-Boston)

·   “Marriage Immigration Market: Filipina/American Relationships.”  Katherine Hill (University of Texas-Austin).

·   “Men as Dependents: Household Division of Labor in Women-Led Families of Indian Migrant Nurses.” Pallavi Banerjee (Vanderbilt University).

·   “Asianness Under Construction: Negotiation of Ethnic Identity/Culture among Inter-ethnically Married Asian-Americans.”  Kelly Haesung Chong (Kansas University).

·   “The Wedding Banquet: The Presentation of Social Capital in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.”  Yang-Chih Fu (Academia Sinica), Nan Lin (Duke University), Chih-Jou Jay Chen (Academia Sinica), and Gina Lai (Hong Kong Baptist University).


Table 5:  The Politics of Erasing Violence

Table Presider: Alexander Lu (Indiana University)

·   “Let's Go Back to the Narratives: Diasporic Sikhs, 1984 Violence and Digital Memory Work?”  Shruti  Devgan (State University of New Jersey-Rutgers).

·   “Bikini Abject: Pacific Island Nuclear Testing as a Technology of Exception.” Vivian Giboung Shaw (University of Texas-Austin).

·   “Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma and Collective Memory in Second Generation Cambodian American Refugees.” Yvonne Y. Kwan (University of California-Santa Cruz).


Table 6:  Class, Inequality, and Social Mobility

Table Presider: Aggie Jooyoung Noah (Pennsylvania State University)

·   “Gendered Narratives of Mobility:  Female Trekking Guides and the Spatial Dimensions of Social Change in Nepal.” Babs Grossman-Thompson (University of Colorado-Boulder).

·   “Pursuing the Chinese Dream: Work and Family for Educated Migrants in Beijing.” Danielle Kane and Yiting Li (DePauw University).

·   “The New Political Economy of Income Inequality in Japan and China (1995-2007).” Stephen Tay (Nanyang Technological University).

·   “Ethnic Disparities in Prenatal Care Adequacy in Vietnam: An Analysis of Change.” Ha Ngoc Trinh and Kim M. Korinek (University of Utah).


Table 7:  The Sociology of Culture: Case Studies from Asia

Table Presider: Yuching Julia Cheng (State University of New York-Albany)

·   “Individual Status and Contextual Inequality: Explaining the Value Change in China.” Tony Huiquan Zhang (University of Toronto).

·   “Everyday Multiculturalism at Work: Race and Multi-ethnic Coexistence in Singaporean Workplaces.” Amanda Yvonne Wise (Macquarie University).

·   “Revolution and Religious Reform: The Indigenous Church Movement in Republican China.” Cole Nicholas Carnesecca (University of Notre Dame).

·   “Cosmopolitanism and Colonialism: The Manchurian Motion Picture Corporation and the Production of My Nightingale (1943).” Seio Nakajima (Waseda University).


Table 8:  Education and Social Inequality: The Role of Teachers

Table Presider: Wenjuan Zheng ( City University of New York-Graduate Center)

·   “Testing Immigrants’ Loyalty: Tensions in Teacher-Parent Relations in Japan.” Robert Steven Moorehead (Ritsumeikan University).

·   “Undervalued Work of Migrant Teachers and Their Resistance.” Min Yu (Missouri State University).

·   “Ethnic Minority Teachers in the People's Republic of China: Their Role as Change Agents.” MaryJo Benton Lee (South Dakota State University).



Table 9:  Educational Inequality in Asia and Asian America

Table Presider: TBA

·   “Transition to Higher Education in Contemporary China:  A Study of High School Graduates in Urban Nanjing.” Gina Lai, Odalia Ho Wong, Jing Song (Hong Kong Baptist University), and Xiaotian Feng (Nanjing University).

·   “Monoethnicity as a Myth: Educational Outcomes of Multicultural Children in Korea.” Nayoung Heo (Texas A&M University).

·   “Stereotype Threat, Spatial Ability, and Gender: Math Performance in Male and Female Chinese Students.” Ming Tsui (Millsaps College), Xiaoying Xu (Wuhan University of Technology), Edmond Venator, and Yan Wang (Millsaps College).

·   “Examining the Formation of Asian American Students’ Educational Aspirations: An Empirical Study.” Kye-Hyoung Lee (University of Texas-Austin).


Table 10:  The Third Sector in China

Table Presider: Setsuko Matsuzawa (The College of Wooster)

·   “State, Space and NGOs in China: A Spatial Framework.” Jennifer YJ Hsu (University of Alberta).

·   “The Rise of Modern Private Philanthropic Foundations in China.” Anthony J. Spires (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Weijun Lai (Sun Yat-Sen University), Lin Tao (Peking University), and Jiangang Zhu (Sun Yat-Sen University).

·   “How to Exploit the Chinese Party-State: Lessons from One Chinese NGO.” Carolyn L. Hsu (Colgate University).



Monday, Aug. 18, 11:30am-12:10pm:  Section Members Meeting and Awards Presentations

Immediately following the Section Roundtables (10:30-11:30am).  Please stay after the roundtables and join us for the Section Members meeting, when we will summarize some informal section news items and activities.  New this year, we will also present the plaques to our 2014 section award winners (listed previously in this newsletter). 


Monday, Aug. 18, 2:00-4:00pm:  Section Mentoring Opportunity

Kusina Ni Tess Restaurant
(237 Ellis St, 94102, very close to the Hilton San Francisco)

At last year’s members’ meeting, attendees requested more in-person mentoring opportunities. Mentors will be on hand to discuss topics that include, but are not limited to, publishing, getting a job, pursuing tenure, teaching, work/family balance, and promotion to full. Please come to learn, share, or just to socialize. Food and drinks/beer will be served, courtesy of the section! Please RSVP by July 25th


Monday, Aug. 18, 4:30-6:10pm:  Section Session: “Work, Labor, and Inequality in Asia”

Session Organizer: Pawan H. Dhingra (Tufts University)

·   “The Making of the Precariat in South Korea: A Case of Female Janitorial Workers.” Hyukjin Cho and Jaeyoun Won (Yonsei University).

·   “The Gender Ratio of Chinese Suicide Rates: An Explanation in Confucianism.” Jie Zhang (State University of New York-Buffalo).

·   “The Financiers of Hong Kong and Singapore.” David R. Meyer (Washington University-St. Louis).

·   “The Recent Economic Crisis and Unemployment among Immigrants in Japan.” Hirohisa Takenoshita (Sophia University).


Monday, Aug. 18, 6:30-9pm:  Section Annual Reception:

Jones Bar and Lounge (620 Jones St., 94102), co-hosted with the Section on International Migration.

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Section on Asia and Asian America

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2008 Award Winners and Honorees:

2008 Book Award

Co-Winners: Das Gupta, Monisha. 2006. Unruly Immigrants: Rights, Activism, and Transnational South Asian Politics in the United States. Durham: Duke University Press.

Jung, Moon-Kie. 2006. Reworking Race: The Making of Hawaii's Interracial Labor Movement. New York: Columbia University Press.

2008 Research Paper Award

Winner: Kelly, H. Chong. 2006. "Negotiating Patriarchy: South Korean Evangelical Women and the Politics of Gender." Gender & Society 20: 697-724

2008 Graduate Student Paper Award

Winner: Leslie Kim Wang (University of California, Berkeley). "Multicultural Negotiations in a Chinese State-Run Orphanage." Unpublished Manuscript, Department of Sociology, UC, Berkeley

Honorable Mention

Hae Yeon Choo (University of Wisconsin-Madison). 2006. "Gendered Modernity and Ethnicized Citizenship: North Korean Settler in Contemporary South Korea." Gender & Society 20: 576-604.

2008 Early Career Award

Winner: Dina Okamoto, University of California, Davis

Honorable Mention

Angie Chung, The University at Albany

2008 Outstanding Teaching Award

[Not given this year]

Congratulations for all winners and honorees!

2005 Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award
Hwa-Ji Shin, State University of New York at Stony Brook
"Trajectories of Nation: Remaking Citizenship, Immigration, and National Self-Image in Japan"

Exemplary Early Career Award
Lisa Sun-Hee Park, University of California at San Diego

Outstanding Book on Asia
Life Under Pressure: Mortality and Living Standards in Europe and Asia: 1700-1900
Tommy Bengtsson, Lund University
Cameron Campbell, University of California at Los Angeles
James E. Lee, University of Michigan

Distinguished Teacher and Mentor Award
Michael Allen Omi, University of California at Berkeley

Contributions to the Section Award
Morrison G. Wong, Texas Christian University


Photo from Section on Asia Activities at ASA Annual Meeting

Cameron Campbell

Photo from Section on Asia Activities at ASA Annual Meeting

Michael Omi

Photo from Section on Asia Activities at ASA Annual Meeting

Morrison Wong

Photo from Section on Asia Activities at ASA Annual Meeting

Hwa-Ji Shin and Jennifer Lee

Photo from Section on Asia Activities at ASA Annual Meeting

David Takeuchi makes an important speech.

Photo from Section on Asia Activities at ASA Annual Meeting

Sara Lee introduces an award.

Photo from Section on Asia Activities at ASA Annual Meeting

Sharon Lee introduces an award.

Photo from Section on Asia Activities at ASA Annual Meeting

Cameron Campbell and Zai Liang

Thanks to Cameron Campbell and Xiaogang Wu for the photographs.