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Special Call for Proposals:

Sociological Research on the Effects of Concealed Carry on College Campuses

Application Deadline Extended: July 17

ASA Council has approved funding for a one-time Call for Proposals of $24,000 to support small, groundbreaking sociological research projects examining the effects of guns on college campuses. It is hoped that this fund can provide seed money for projects that will advance knowledge on this understudied topic.

Since 2004 nine states have passed laws allowing concealed handguns on college campuses in some form or another, and in 2014 alone 14 states submitted similar legislation.[1] Such legislation can potentially have great impact on sociologists and their work. As such, ASA is accepting proposals for research to study the possible effects of guns in classrooms. Is there an impact, for example, on free speech or faculty fear? Are there disparate effects on faculty from different demographic groups or based on course topic? A full range of proposals will be reviewed for scientific merit and the potential for advancing sociological knowledge regarding guns on campuses. Specific evaluation criteria include:

  • Innovativeness and promise of the research approach.
  • The potential of the study as a building block in the development of future research.
  • Feasibility and adequacy of project design.
  • Plans for the analysis of data.
  • Plans for dissemination of results in both scholarly and popular media outlets.
  • Appropriateness of requested budget.

Principal investigators must have a PhD or equivalent. Awards shall not exceed $8,000. Awardees must be ASA members at the time of award. Proposals must be submitted online.

Applicants will receive an email notification of funding decisions in early October.

Questions? Email or call (202) 383-9005.


[1]National Conference of State Legislatures. 2017. “Guns on Campus Overview.” Retrieved April 7, 2017 (

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