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ASA Partners with Interfolio to Bring ASA Members and Departments Affiliates Exclusive Benefits

Interfolio logoThe American Sociological Association is excited to announce its partnership with Interfolio, a trusted provider of higher education credential management and decision-making services for academic committees.

Interfolio supports the scholarly life cycle with products for every stage of academia. Scholars can manage their academic credentials with the Dossier service, write and request letters through the Letter Writer product, and conduct faculty searches and tenure reviews through the ByCommittee platform. From the first Dossier account in 1999 to the launch of ByCommittee, Interfolio has provided innovative services that simplify and improve the work of applicants, letter writers, and committee members.

The ASA has established a partnership to give both ASA members and Department Affiliates access to Interfolio's popular products.


ASA Members

We know that managing your job application materials can be a stressful task. That’s why the American Sociological Association has partnered with Interfolio to give individual members a free, one-year subscription to Dossier, the leading online credential management service for higher education.

Dossier allows ASA members to store and manage all their application materials with one, simple tool:

  • Store an unlimited amount of materials: ASA members can gather and store unlimited amounts of both confidential and non-confidential material, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, writing samples, and test scores.
  • Manage confidential letters of recommendation: Request confidential letters through your Interfolio account and give your letter writers the option to electronically upload or mail their letter directly to Interfolio. Even when a letter is confidential, once it arrives in your account you have complete control over when and where it is sent.
  • Apply seamlessly: Manage all of your applications in a single location. Once your submission packet is complete, you can send it electronically or via hard copy to its destination.
  • Rely on safe and secure service: The privacy of your information is Interfolio’s highest priority. Robust technological safeguards, including multiple levels of encryption, keep your stored documents protected and secure. Rigorous quality control processes ensure the accuracy of all documents and mailings, and digital backups stored at a secure, off-site location further protect your important documents.

Interfolio delivers application materials via email, online application systems, and a variety of domestic and international mailing options. Applying for opportunities listed through Interfolio’s ByCommittee service is always free. Current ASA members will receive a credit ($6) that can be applied to a non-ByCommittee position.

You must join or renew your membership for 2017 to take advantage of this benefit. (Dossier subscriptions will be renewed as long as you maintain current ASA membership during the term of the partnership.)


Department Affiliates

Are you part of a search committee for a faculty position or fellowship? Current ASA Department Affiliates now have access to a powerful tool to assist their search: Interfolio’s ByCommittee.

The American Sociological Association has partnered with Interfolio to give current ASA Department Affiliates a free, one-year subscription to ByCommittee, a secure and easy-to-use web platform for committees making decisions in higher education.

ByCommittee simplifies the logistics of your search:

  • Bring your search online: Assemble committees, collect and access secure materials, and evaluate candidates from any place with an Internet connection. For those who like paper-based methods of working, applicant materials gathered in ByCommittee can also be downloaded for offline review.
  • Get started quickly: ByCommittee’s implementation is light and fast, allowing you to set up and publish your first opening right away.
  • Support a secure search: ByCommittee emphasizes strict privacy and security settings, so applicant data remains secure.
  • Create and run reports: For simpler reporting, ByCommittee provides a “form builder” for creating customized application forms, as well collecting EEO information, so you can ensure a diverse professional environment at your institution.

ByCommittee increases transparency and communication in committee-based work, allowing faculty members to devote more time to research, teaching, and service in their field.

You must be a current Department Affiliate to take advantage of this new benefit. Use your ASA department ID to login, join, or renew today to access this new benefit! (ByCommittee subscriptions will be renewed as long the department is a current ASA Department Affiliate during the term of the partnership.)


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