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The Sociology Bachelors Degree and Beyond


Calling Department Chairs: 

Participate in a  New Survey of Sociology Majors

We are currently inviting departments to participate in the upcoming survey of sociology undergraduates in the class of 2012, Social Capital, Organizational Context, and the Job Market for Sociology

A stratified random sample of departments will initially be drawn and this pool of volunteer departments will serve as substitutes for any departments unable to participate. Not all substitute departments will need to participate. We will be asking for the names and email addresses of your senior sociology majors so that we may ask them about the learning outcomes of the major and track their participation in the job market after they graduate.

All participating department chairs will receive department-level, aggregated findings for each of the study variables so that they may compare their department’s results with those of the entire sample. The ASA Department of Research and Development Department will also provide “peer group” comparisons of chair’s choosing for a minimal cost.






See the results from our previous survey of the class of 2005 in What Can I Do With a Bachelors Degree in Sociology?