ASA Database of Subject Matter Experts for the Media

The ASA is expanding its database of sociologists who are subject matter experts. This database serves as an easily accessible resource that ASA Public Affairs and Public Information (PA/PI) staff consult when journalists request interviews with experts for their stories. In addition, PA/PI staff peruse the database before proactively offering names of experts on particularly timely topics to reporters. For example, after Osama bin Laden was killed, PA/PI staff developed a list of sociologists who could discuss the significance of bin Laden’s death from a variety of sociological perspectives, and made it available to reporters. An up-to-date database of sociologists who have agreed to speak with members of the media on areas in which they have demonstrated subject matter expertise will expedite the ASA’s media communication process.

How to Join the ASA Experts Database

If you would like to join the ASA Experts Database, please fill out the form below. For further information, please contact: Daniel Fowler, ASA’s Media Relations and Public Affairs Officer, at or 202-527-7885.

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*Please note that you may update information in the database by emailing (please use “ASA Experts Database Update” as the subject of your email) and you may ask to be removed from the database, at any time, by sending an email to with the subject, “Remove From ASA Experts Database” (please understand that members of the media may already have received your information).

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