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Sociology of Human Rights

The Section on the Sociology of Human Rights seeks to promote and support critical, interdisciplinary, and international engagement with human rights scholarship, teaching and practice, as well as to foster human rights approaches to the sociological enterprise. The Sociology of Human Rights is conceived broadly and inclusively as a scholarly and human pursuit of understanding the social, political, cultural, and comparative construction of human rights histories, institutions, discourses, and futures as well as the social structures, relations, and practices that will most fully support the realization of human rights in the world. The Section on the Sociology of Human Rights encourages the growth of dialogues regarding human rights as method, as epistemology, as theory, and as praxis in the sociological understanding of the world in which we live. This section will strive to bring international perspectives to the Sociology of Human Rights globally and to the United States.

The Section will facilitate these goals through the active support of and creation of structures, activities, and practices that promote: 1) the free exchange of ideas, experiences, research findings, pedagogical strategies, and best practices in the research on the sociology of human rights and the discussion of human rights within the sociological enterprise; 2) the collaborative development of resources dedicated to enhancing research, teaching, and practice of the sociology of human rights; 3) communication among members both nationally and internationally regarding events, practices, experiences, research, and teaching on the sociology of human rights; 4) the forging of linkages and relationships with sociology of human rights scholars across the globe, including community activists, grounded movements, communities, and individuals; and, 5) opportunities for the dissemination, distribution, and publication of research in the sociology of human rights across the world.

Section Officers & Council


Student Representative: Brooke Chambers, University of Minnesota 2019
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Annie Isabel Fukushima, University of Utah 2019
Chair-Elect: Brian Gran, Case Western Reserve University 2018
Past Chair: Joachim J. Savelsberg, University of Minnesota 2018
Student Representative: Vivian Shaw, University of Texas at Austin 2018
Chair: Kiyoteru Tsutsui, University of Michigan 2018

Section Council

Elizabeth Heger Boyle, University of Minnesota 2019
David G. Embrick, University of Connecticut 2018
Claudia Maria Lopez, University of California, Santa Cruz 2020
James Mahoney, Northwestern University 2020
Lindsey P. Peterson, Mississippi State University 2018
Robin Stryker, University of Arizona 2019

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