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History of the Section

Classic sociological thinkers were keenly interested in the relationship between the economy and the society, but as a distinctive specialty, economic sociology only began crystallizing in the 1980s, and only began serious self-organization in the 1990s. As one result, the Economic Sociology Section-in-Formation was created in August 2000. Chaired by Wayne Baker, the section's organizing committee—Nicole Biggart, Neil Fligstein, Mark Granovetter, Brian Uzzi, Fernanda Wanderley, and Harrison White—worked hard and effectively to set up the necessary section structure and recruit a significant number of members. As a Section-in-Formation, the section hosted five regular sessions at the 2000 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC: Business Networks, Global Markets and Globalization, and Transitional Economies, Banking and Finance, and Asian Economies (all organized by Wayne Baker).



Screenshot from the program for the 2000 ASA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC


Economic Sociology became a permanent Section in January 2001. The first issue of the section's newsletter Accounts: A Newsletter of Economic Sociology, edited by Joan E. Manley and Sarah Busse appeared in the Fall of 2000. The first sessions as a permanent  section were organized at the 2001 Annual Meetings of the ASA in Anaheim, California. Two sessions (“The Evolving Field of Economic Sociology,” and “Global Financial Markets”), and roundtables (“Culture and Economy”) organized by Brian Uzzi were tremendously successful, drawing large audiences. In its annual rankings of sociology departments, U.S. News and World Report includes a section on Economic Sociology.


Section By-Laws

A pdf of the section laws can be found here: Section By-Laws


Annual Reports

Year  Chair Annual Report Download Report
2018-2018 Sarah Louise Babb    
2017-2018 Frederick Wherry
2016-2017 Nancy DiTomaso

Prepared by Nancy DiTomaso
Submitted on October 12th, 2016

2015-2016 Alya Guseva Prepared by Alya Guseva
Submitted on October 10th, 2016
2014-2015 Greta Krippner Prepared by Greta Krippner
Submitted on October 15th, 2015
2013-2014 Nina Bandelj Prepared by Nina Bandelj
Submitted on October 15th, 2014
2012-2013 Vicki Smith Prepared by Vicki Smith
Submitted on October 15th, 2013
2011-2012 Walter Powell Prepared by Walter Powell
Submitted on October 15th, 2012
2010-2011 Alejandro Portes Prepared by Alejandro Portes
Submitted on September 26th, 2011
2009-2010 Frank Dobbin

ASA altered procedures, requiring the
out-going chair to prepare the annual report,
rather than the incoming chair.

No Report
2008-2009 Mark Mizruchi Prepared by Frank Dobbin
Submitted on October 10th, 2009
2007-2008 Lisa Keister Prepared by Mark Mizruchi
Submitted on November 6th, 2008
2006-2007 Bruce Carruthers

Prepared by Lisa Keister
Submitted on October 13th, 2007

2005-2006 Richard Swedberg Prepared by Bruce Carruthers
Submitted on  October 13th, 2006
2004-2005 Nicole Biggart

Prepared by Richard Swedberg
Submitted on  October 11th, 2005

2003-2004 Neil Fligstein
2002-2003 Harrison White

Prepared by Neil Fligstein
Submitted on  October 1st, 2003

2001-2002 Viviana Zelizer Prepared by Viviana Zelizer
Submitted on  October 19th, 2002
2001-2001 Wayne Baker

Prepared by Viviana Zelizer
Submitted on September 25th, 2001






*If you have any information as to the whereabouts of the 2003-2004 Annual Report please contact the Section Webmaster, Dustin Stoltz at dstoltz [at] nd [dot] edu