American Sociological Association

Section on Community and Urban Sociology

Jane Addams Award for Best Article

The Jane Addams Award (formerly the Park Article Award) goes to authors of the best scholarly article in community and urban sociology published in the past two years.

Earlier recipients of the Jane Addams Award are shown below.

2016    Japonica Brown-Saracino   “How Places Shape Identity: The Origins of Distinctive LBQ Identities in Four Small U.S. Cities.” American Journal of Sociology 
2015    Josh Pacewicz   “Tax Increment Financing, Economic Development Professionals and the Financialization of Urban Politics.” Socio-Economic Review 
2014    Lincoln G. Quillian   "Segregation and Poverty Concentration : The Role of Three Segregations.” American Sociological Review 
2013    Matthew Desmond   "Eviction and the Reproduction of Urban Poverty"American Journal of Sociology
2012    Wodtke Geoffrey T. David J. Harding and Felix Elwert   “Neighborhood Effects in Temporal Perspective: The Impact of Long-Term Exposure to Concentrated Disadvantage on High School Graduation.” American Sociological Review 
2010    Alice Goffman   “On the Run: Wanted Men in a Philadelphia Ghetto,” American Sociological Review 
2010    Patrick Sharkey   “The Intergenerational Transmission of Context” American Journal of Sociology
2009    Robert J. Sampson   "Moving to Inequality: Neighborhood Effects and Experiments Meet Social Structure"
2008    Kevin Fox Gotham   "The Secondary Circuit of Capital Reconsidered: Globalization and the U.S. Real Estate Sector"
2007    Elizabeth Bruch and Robert Mare   "Neighborhood Choice and Neighborhood Change"
2006    Robert J. Sampson and Stephen Raudenbush   “Seeing disorder: Neighborhood Stigma and the Social Construction of Broken Windows”
2005    Courtney B. Abrams, Karen Albright and Aaron Panofsky   "Contesting the New York Community: From Liminality to the “New Normal” in the Wake of September 11." City & Community 
2005    Nicole Marwell   “Privatizing the Welfare State: Nonprofit Community-Based Organizations as Political Actors.” American Sociological Review 2004    Mario Small "Culture, Cohorts, and Social Organization Theory: Understanding Local Participation in a Latino Housing Project" American Journal of Sociology
2004    Keith Hampton and Barry Wellman (Honorable Mention)   Neighboring in Netville: How the Internet Supports Community and Social Capital in a Wired Suburb" City & Community 
2003    Jennifer Lee, University of California-Irvine   “From Civil Relations to Racial Conflict: Merchant-Customer Interactions in Urban America”