American Sociological Association

Section on Community and Urban Sociology

CUSS Student Paper Award

2016    Jeremy Levine  "The Privatization of Political Representation: Community-Based Organizations as Nonelected Neighborhood Representatives.” 
2015    Pamela J. Prickett  “Contextualizing from Within: Perceptions of Physical Disorder in a South Central L.A. African American Mosque.” 2014    Issa B. Kohler-Hausmann   "Misdemeanor Justice: Control without Conviction"
            Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana, University of California-Berkeley    "Moving on Up: Race and Upward Neighborhood Succession".
2012    Klein, Nicholas J. and Andrew Zitcer, The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers  "Everything but the Chickens: Cultural Authenticity Onboard the Chinatown Bus"
2011    Van C. Tran, Harvard University  “Spatial Assimilation or Spatial Inequality? Second-Generation Neighborhood Attainment and Mobility Trajectories in Young Adulthood.”
2010    Erin Powers, University of Washington   “Must it Take a Village? Social Disorganization, Crime and Collective Action.”
2009    Laura M. Tach, Harvard University   "More than Bricks and Mortar: Neighborhood Frames, Social Processes, and the Mixed-Income Redevelopment of a Public Housing Project"
2008    L. Owen Kirkpatrick, "The Two Logics of Community Development: Neighborhoods, Markets and Community Development Corporations"
2007    Jooyoung Lee, University of California, Los Angeles   "Rappin’ on the Street Corner: The Social Organization of Street ‘Disorder'"
2006    Adriana Abdenur, Princeton University    "Opening Doors Upstairs: Networks and Social Capital Among Ipanema Doormen"
2005    Andrew Scott Deener, University of California-Los Angeles
2005    Virag Molnar, Princeton University (Honorable Mention)
2004    Kraig Beyerlein and John Hipp, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill  "Bridging or Bonding Social Capital as an Antidote to Crime: The Case of American Religious Traditions"
2004    Ellen Berrey, Northwestern University (Honorable Mention)   "Debating Diversity: A Slippery Symbol in Neighborhood Redevelopment Politics"
2003    John Hipp, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill   “If You Don’t Do It, Someone Else Might…Volunteering for Neighborhood Associations as a Response to Environmental Change”
2002    Isaac Martin, University of California-Berkeley     “Dawn of the Living Wage: The Diffusion of a Redistributive Municipal Policy”
1999    Rachael Anne Woldoff, Ohio State University   “The Effects of Local Stressors on Neighborhood Attachments”
1998    Eric Klinenberg, University of Chicago   “Denaturalizing Disaster: A Social Autopsy of the 1995 Chicago Heat Wave”
1997    Kevin Fox Gotham, University of Missouri-Kansas City   “Suburbia Under Siege: Low Income Housing and Racial Conflict in Metropolitan Kansas, 1970 to Present”
1996    Jennifer Parker, City University Graduate School   "The Corporate Fast Food Restaurant as 'Transnational Community’: Global and Local Interactions Among an Immigrant Workforce in New York City"
1995    Dalton Clark Conley, Columbia University   “Separate and Unequal? Household Level Effects of Racially Segregated Housing Markets”