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Sex and Gender

The purpose of the Section on Sex and Gender is to encourage research and curriculum development on the organized patterns of gendered social relations and sexuality. The Section examines face-to-face interaction, political processes, culture and mass media, the medical, judicial, and educational systems.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Mary Blair-Loy, Univ. California-San Diego 2017
Past Chair: Allison Pugh, University of Virginia 2017
Chair: Jennifer A. Reich, University of Colorado Denver 2017
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Oluwakemi M. Balogun, University of Oregon 2017
Student Representative: Kiera Duckworth, University at Buffalo 2017
Student Representative: Apoorva Ghosh, University of California-Irvine 2018

Section Council

Catherine I. Bolzendahl, University of California, Irvine 2018
Sanyu A. Mojola, University of Colorado Boulder 2019
Laurel Westbrook, Grand Valley State University 2017
Fareen Parvez, University of Massachusetts-Amherst 2019
Tristan Bridges, The College at Brockport - SUNY 2017
Jennifer Randles, California State University-Fresno 2018
Catherine Connell, Boston University 2017
Kristen Barber, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 2019
Kimberly Kay Hoang, University of Chicago 2018

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