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Science, Knowledge, and Technology

The purpose of the Section on Science, Knowledge, and Technology (SKAT) is to promote scholarly research and professional activity relating to sociology, science, knowledge, and technology.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Scott Frickel, Brown University 2017
Chair-Elect: Alondra Nelson, Columbia University 2017
Past Chair: Steven Epstein, Northwestern University 2017
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer R Fishman, McGIll University 2017
Student Representative: Michael Allan Halpin, University of Wisconsin - Madison 2017
Student Representative: Alka Menon, Northwestern University 2018

Section Council

Mary Frank Fox, Georgia Institute of Technology 2017
Laura Stark, Vanderbilt University 2017
Ruha Benjamin, Princeton University 2018
Catherine Bliss, UCSF 2018
Anthony Ryan Hatch, Wesleyan University 2019
Jennifer S. Singh, Georgia Institute of Technology 2019

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