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Racial and Ethnic Minorities

The purpose of the Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities is to encourage research, theory, and teaching concerning the relation between socially defined racial and ethnic groups. The encouragement of scholarship contributing to the welfare of all, rather than the promotion of any particular group's social or political interests, is a paramount goal of the Section.

Section Officers & Council


Publications Committee: Ellen Berrey, University of Toronto 2019
Publications Committee: Carson Byrd, University of Louisville 2020
Publications Committee: Mary Elizabeth Campbell, Texas A&M University 2019
Chair-Elect: Jessie Daniels, Hunter College and The Graduate Center-CUNY 2018
Publications Committee: Ashley Wood Doane, Jr., University of Hartford 2018
Past Chair: Nilda Flores-Gonzalez, University of Illinois at Chicago 2018
Student Member: Bianca Gonzalez-Sobrino, University of Connecticut 2018
Publications Committee: Kasey Henricks, University of Tennessee 2020
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Monica McDermott, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2019
Chair: Mignon R. Moore, Barnard College 2018
Publications Committee: Victor M. Rios, University of California, Santa Barbara 2018

Section Council

Maria Isabel Ayala, Michigan State University 2019
Charles A. Gallagher, La Salle University 2018
Tiffany D. Joseph, Northeastern University 2018
Catherine Lee, Rutgers University 2020
Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, University of Massachusetts Boston 2020
Jennifer C. Mueller, Skidmore College 2019

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