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Race, Gender, and Class

The purpose of the Section on Race, Gender, and Class is to support research, teaching and practice that examines the interactive effects of race, gender, and class phenomena, and a curriculum which underscores the centrality of race, gender, and class in society and in sociological analysis.

Section Officers & Council


Chair-Elect: Juan J. Battle, CUNY Graduate Center 2017
Chair: Nancy A. Naples, University of Connecticut 2017
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Edward W. Morris, University of Kentucky 2017
Past Chair: Adia M. Harvey Wingfield, Washington University in St. Louis 2017
Student Representative: Ashleigh Elain McKinzie, University of Georgia 2017
Student Representative: Marisela Martinez-Cola, Emory University 2018

Section Council

Irene Browne, Emory University 2018
Jessica Fields, San Francisco State University 2017
Rachelle Jeneane Brunn-Bevel, Fairfield University 2018
Rashawn Ray, University of Maryland 2019
Hae Yeon Choo, University of Toronto 2019
Erynn Masi de Casanova, University of Cincinnati 2017

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