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Political Economy of the World-System

The Section on Political Economy of the World-System is concerned with pursuing the study of world-systems over long periods of time, and to the understanding of the difference such a point of departure makes for the integrated analysis of the political economy and its social bases.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Jason W. Moore, Binghamton University 2018
Chair-Elect: Amy Adams Quark, College of William & Mary 2018
Past Chair: John M. Talbot, 2018
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Matthew C. Mahutga, University of California at Riverside 2018
Student Representative: Alvin Camba, Johns Hopkins University 2019
Student Representative: Martin Jacinto, University of California, Irvine 2018

Section Council

Rebekah Burroway, State University of New York-Stony Brook 2018
Marion W Dixon, American University 2020
Mara Fridell, University of Manitoba 2020
Jennifer Keahey, Arizona State University 2018
Victoria Reyes, University of California, Riverside 2019
Lu Zhang, Temple University 2019

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