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Marxist Sociology

The ASA Marxist Sociology Section promotes the use of Marxist theory and methods to explain the complex dynamics of the social world, from ideology and the capitalist system to revolutionary, counter-hegemonic movements; from global political economy and national institutions to the politics of the workplace; from economic development and technological change to politics and culture; from imperialism to the environment. We aim to provide a platform for young Marxist sociologists at the beginnings of their careers and to serve as a resource and meeting point for all scholars and activists whose work is informed by Marxist theory. With our annual section awards, we celebrate excellent scholarly work by new and established scholars and commend life-long achievements in Marxist sociology. We also recognize the importance of Marxist sociological praxis by honoring those who facilitate social change – that, we all acknowledge, is the point.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Matt Vidal, King's College London 2018
Chair-Elect: Tarique Niazi, University of Wisconsin 2018
Past Chair: Leontina M. Hormel, University of Idaho 2018
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Paul Prew, Minnesota State University - Mankato 2020
Student Representative: Stephanie Baran, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2019

Section Council

Barbara G. Brents, University of Nevada-Las Vegas 2019
Roxanne Gerbrandt, Austin Peay State University 2018
Allison L. Hurst, Oregon State University 2018
Brendan Innis McQuade, SUNY-Cortland 2019
Charles Pinderhughes, Jr., Essex County College 2020
Michael J. Sukhov, 2020

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