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Comparative and Historical Sociology

The purpose of the Section on Comparative and Historical Sociology is to promote research and teaching on cross-national variation and the temporal dimensions of social life. Section members represent a wide range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, and are thematically likewise diverse in orientation.

Section Officers & Council


Chair: Kim Voss, University of California 2017
Chair-Elect: George Steinmetz, University of Michigan 2017
Past Chair: Monica Prasad, Northwestern University 2017
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Colin J. Beck, Pomona College 2017
Student Representative: Diana Rodriguez-Franco, Northwestern University 2017

Section Council

Anne Kane, University of Houston - Downtown 2017
Tasleem Juana Padamsee, College of Public Health, Ohio State University 2019
Melissa J. Wilde, University of Pennsylvania 2019
Stephanie L. Mudge, University of California-Davis 2018
Cedric de Leon, Providence College 2017
Robert S. Jansen, University of Michigan 2018

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