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Children and Youth

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Section on Children and Youth is to encourage the development and dissemination of sociological perspectives on children in the areas of research, theory, policy, practice, and teaching. Here, the term "children" includes every human being from infancy through the transition to adulthood.

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Section Officers & Council


Past Chair: Grace Kao, University of Pennsylvania 2017
Chair: Amy T. Schalet, University of Massachusetts at Amherst 2017
Chair-Elect: Stefanie Mollborn, University of Colorado Boulder 2017
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Jeremy Staff, The Pennsylvania State University 2018
Student Representative: Jordan Andrew Conwell, Northwestern University 2017
Student Representative: Emily Ruehs, University of Illinois at Chicago 2018

Section Council

Paula W. Fomby, University of Michigan 2017
Kristin Turney, University of California, Irvine 2018
Jennifer March Augustine, University of South Carolina 2018
Anna S. Mueller, The University of Chicago 2018
Christopher Wildeman, Cornell University 2017
Kelly Balistreri, Bowling Green State University 2018

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