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Asia and Asian America

The Section aims to strengthen the theoretical and methodological aspects of Asian and Asian American Studies.

The Section promotes Asia and Asian American Studies within sociology by organizing paper sessions, roundtables, and social events at the annual meetings of the ASA. It recognizes distinguished scholarship with best book, research paper, and student paper awards.

In addition, the Section publishes a newsletter that includes section news, calls for paper, grant opportunities, job announcements, notices of recent publications, and other pertinent information.

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Section Officers & Council


Chair-Elect: Angie Y. Chung, University at Albany 2018
Student Representative: Yu Guo, University of Maryland, College Park 2018
Chair: Prema Ann Kurien, Syracuse University 2018
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Anthony Christian Ocampo, California State Polytechnic University 2018
Past Chair: Jiannbin Lee Shiao, University of Oregon 2018

Section Council

Paul Yunsik Chang, Harvard University 2019
Minjeong Kim, San Diego State University 2020
Dana Y. Nakano, California State University, Stanislaus 2018
Karen D. Pyke, University of California, Riverside 2019
Victoria Reyes, University of California, Riverside 2020
Yang Sao Xiong, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2018

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