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Animals and Society

The purpose of the Section on Animals and Society is to encourage and support the development of theory, research and teaching about the complex relationships that exist between humans and other animals. In the process, it is anticipated that the light we shed on these issues will increase the well-being of both humans and other animals.

Section Officers & Council


Student Representative: Elizabeth Kathryn Barna, Vanderbilt University 2019
Chair: Elizabeth Grauerholz, University of Central Florida 2018
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Ryan Gunderson, Miami University 2018
Past Chair: Michelle Marie Proctor, Madonna University 2018
Chair-Elect: Richard York, University of Oregon 2018

Section Council

Laurent Cilia, University of Colorado 2018
Brett Clark, University of Utah 2020
Ivy Collier, MPA, CFRE, Animals and Society Institute 2018
Thomas M. Dietz, Michigan State University 2020
Erin Nicole Kidder, University of Central Florida 2019
Christena Nippert-Eng, IUBloomington (SOIC) 2019

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