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Aging and the Life Course

Mission Statement

Sociology of Aging and the Life Course provides an analytical framework for understanding the interplay between human lives and changing social structures. Its mission is to examine the interdependence between (a) aging over the life course as a social process and (b) societies and groups as stratified by age, with succession of cohorts as the link connecting the two. This special field of age draws on sociology as a whole and contributes to it through reformulation of traditional emphases on process and change, on the multiple interdependent levels of the system, and on the multidimensionality of sociological concerns as they touch on related aspects of other disciplines. The field is concerned with both basic sociological research on age and its implications for public policy and professional practice.

Section Officers & Council


Chair-Elect: Elizabeth C. Cooksey, Ohio State University 2018
Chair: Pamela Herd, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2018
Past Chair: Jessica A. Kelley, Case Western Reserve University 2018
Section Webmaster: John Reynolds, Florida State University 2019
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Debra Street, State University of New York-Buffalo 2019
Student Representative: Stephanie UreƱa, Florida State University 2019
Student Representative: Rebecca Wang, Syracuse University 2018

Section Council

Jennifer A. Ailshire, University of Southern California 2020
Carol S. Aneshensel, Univ of California-Los Angeles 2018
Tyson H. Brown, Duke University 2019
Hui Liu, Michigan State University 2019
Andrew S. London, Syracuse University 2018
Richard A. Miech, University of Michigan 2020

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