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This timeline is the most up-to-date version for the current membership year. If you have any questions or corrections please contact us at

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September 30
Last day to join ASA for calendar year. Section population counts taken at this time. Budgets and Session Counts determined from the section's membership at the end of September.

For more information see: Budget Allocations and Session Allocations.

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October 1
Information sent to section chairs about session planning for next year's meeting.

For more information see: Planning for the Annual Meeting or Contact:

October 10
Section Annual reports due to the Governance Office.

For more information see: Annual Reports or contact:

October 15
Annual Meeting Section Session Planning information is due. 

For more information contact:

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November 3
Call for Papers posted on ASA website, online submission system opens for papers, discussion topics and posters.

For more information see: Annual Meeting or contact

November 10
First Information due for Spring Election: Nominations Committee Chairs and Bylaws Amendments are due at this time.
For more information see: Election Guide or contact


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There are no deadlines in December! Happy Holidays!

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Paper submission system closes at 3pm EST. Section invited session listings due to This deadline changes depending on the year.
For more information contact:

January 15
All Section candidate slates are due for spring election.
For more information see Election Guide or contact

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ASA Council Meets. The Council discusses any recommendations made by the Committee on Sections. 
For more information contact:

February 1
ASA Section Listservs reset for the new year. All nonrenewing members are removed from the list at this time. Listservs will be updated during the first week of each month until October. 
For more information contact: or see: Listservs

Feburary 16
Requests for reception space from Section Chairs are due in ASA Meetings Office
For more information contact:

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March 1
Scheduling requests for Annual Meeting due to meetings Office
For more information contact 

March 15
All election candidate biographies due.
For more information see: Election Guide or contact or

March 31
Deadline to join ASA and participate in the current year's election. 
For more information see: Election Guide or contact

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April 12
Last day to enter petition signatures in support of candidates or ballot proposals to the ASA Governance Office.
For information see the petition guide or contact

April 22
ASA Election Starts. This deadline may change depending on the calendar.
For more information see Election Guide or contact

April 24
Deadline for Sections to notify Executive Office of waived speaker fees for Guest Speakers. 
For more information contact 

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Section catering orders due to the ASA meetings office. 
For more information contact

Pre-registration deadline for program participants. This deadline shifts each year. 
For more information contact or see the Annual Meeting Site

May 2
Annual Meeting Preliminary Schedule Published Online. No information on schedulding is available before this date. 
For more information see Annual Meeting Site or contact


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June 1
Voting in the ASA Election ends.  

June 1
Changes to session listings for the printed Final Program must be received by the Meetings Department
For more information contact

June 3
Election Results sent to Section Chairs and Nominating Committee Chairs. Copies of amended bylaws will be sent at this time. Sections are responsible for contacting all of the candidates who ran for office in their section.
For more information see Election Guide or contact

June 25
Deadline for Section Awards to be included in the Awards Program for the Annual Meeting.
For more information contact:

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July 1
Welcome letter for Section Chair-Elects who will take office in August and Secretary-Treasurer's outlining the workload for late summer and autumn. 
For more information contact

July 5
Section listservs updated for new officers. Listserv training materials sent to the new section leaders.
For more information see Listserv Guide or contact

July 21
Committee on Sections Election Starts. Each year an outgoing section chair is elected to the committee to represent a small, medium or large section. 
For more information contact

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August 1
All check requests due to governance office before Annual Meeting. Any requests filed after this date will be handled after the meeting. 

August 5
Online section communications volunteer orientation (webmasters, social media, newsletter editors).

August 21
End of Committee on Sections election.

Meeting Day 0
One on one meetings with new officers, chair-elects, especially those who can't come to orientation.

Annual Meeting Day 3
Section Day: Orientation is held in the morning followed by the Committee on Sections meeting with Section Officers and the Committee on Sections' Meeting
Training Materials online at the Section Leaders webpage

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