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Section on Labor and Labor Movements Distinguished Scholarly Article Award

Year Name Affiliation Title
2017 Barry Eidlin  

2016. “Why Is There No Labor Party in the United States? Political Articulation and the Canadian Comparison, 1932 to 1948.” American Sociological Review 81(3): 488 –516.

2016 Daniel Scheider and Adam Reich.   

2014. "Marrying Ain't Hard When You Got a Union Card? Labor Union Membership and First Marriage."  Social Problems 61(4): 625-643.  

2015 Jeffrey J. Sallaz  

2014. “Permanent Pedagogy: How Post-Fordist Firms Generate Effort but Not Consent.” Work and Occupations,


Rosenfeld, Jake, and Meredith Kleykamp


2012. “Organized Labor and Racial Wage Inequality in the United States.” American Journal of Sociology 117: 1460-1502.

2012 Heather Thompson Temple University

2011. “Rethinking Working-Class Struggle through the Lens of the Carceral State: Toward a Labor History of Inmates and Guards” Labor: Working Class Studies of the Americas 8(3): 15-45, Fall 2011.


Jane L. Collins & Victoria Mayer

  2010. Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom of the Low-Wage Labor Market. University of Chicago Press.
2010 co Jeffrey Haydu University of California, San Diego

Citizen employers: Business Communities and Labor in Cincinnati and San Francisco, 1870-1916

2010 co Jeffrey Salaz University of Arizona

The Labor of Luck: Casino Capitalism in the United States and South Africa

2010 co Larry Issac, Joshua Page, Jennnifer Seminatore    
2009 Paul Almeida Texas A&M University

"The Sequencing of Success: Organizing Templates and Neoliberal Policy Outcomes." Mobilization: The

International Quarterly, 13(2): 165-187.

2006 Tamara Kay

Honorable Mention:
Ben Cornwell and
Jill Harrison

Harvard University

Labor Transnationalism and Global Governance: the Impact of NAFTA on Transnational Labor Relationships in North America”

“Union Members and Voluntary Associations: Membership Overlap and a Case of Organizational Embeddedness”

2005 Steven Henry Lopez

Honorable Mentions:

Chun Soonok

Beverly Silver

Ohio State University

Johns Hopkins University

Reorganizing the Rust Belt: An Inside Study of the American Labor Movement (University of California Press)

They Are Not Machines: Korean Women Workers and Their Fight for Democratic Trade Unionism in the 1970s (Ashgate)

Forces of Labor: Workers' Movements and Globalization Since 1870 (Cambridge University Press)

2004 Rick Fantasia

Honorable Mentions:

Moon-Kie Jung

Marc Dixon and Vincent Roscigno

  "Dictatorship OVER the Proletariat: Deprivations of Work and Labor in the United States,"Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales 138: 3-18

"Interracialism: The Ideological Transformation of Hawaii's Working Class." 2003. American Sociological Review 68: 373-400

"Status, Networks, and Social Movement Participation: The Case of Striking Workers." 2003. American Journal of Sociology 108: 1292-1327


Section on Labor and Labor Movements Distinguished Scholarly Monograph Award

Year Name Affiliation Title
2017 Chad Broughton  

2015.  Boom, Bust, Exodus: The Rust Belt, the Maquilas, and a Tale of Two Cities.  New York: Oxford University Press.

2017 Steve Viscelli   2016.  Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream.  Berkeley: University of California Press.
2016 Vanesa Ribas  

2015. On the Line: Slaughterhouse Live and the Making of the New South. Berkeley: University of California Press.

2015 Dan Clawson and Naomi Gerstel.   2014. Unequal Time: Gender, Class and Family in Employment Schedules. New York: Russell
Sage Foundation.
2014 Jamie K. McCallum Middlebury College

Global Unions, Local Power: The New Spirit of Transnational Labor Organizing (Cornell University Press, 2013).

2013 Chris Rhomberg   The Broken Table (Russell Sage, 2012).
2012 Rhacel Parrenas University of Southern California

2011. Illicit Flirtations: Labor, Migration, and Sex Trafficking in Tokyo. Stanford University Press.

2010 Co. Jefferey Salaz   Labor of Luck: Casino Capitalism in the United States and South Africa, Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2009.
2010 Co. Jeffrey Haydu   Citizen Employers: Business Communities and Labor in Cincinnati and San Francisco, 1870-1916, Ithaca, NY: Cornell ILR Press, 2008.
2009 Edward Webster, Rob Lambert and Andries Bezuidenhout University of the Witwatersrand, University of Western Australia and Witwatersran

Grounding Globalization:

Labour in the Age of Insecurity. (Malden, MA: Blackwell Press, 2008.)

2008 Ching Kwan Lee University of Michigan

Against the Law: Labor Protests in China’s Rustbelt and Sunbelt. University of California Press

2007 Steven McKay  

Satanic Mills or Silicon Islands? The

Politics of High-Tech Production in the

Philippines(Cornell/ILR Press, 2006).


Labor and Labor Movements / Critical Sociology Best Student Paper Competition

Year Name Affiliation Title
2017 Manuel Rosaldo  

2016. “Revolution in the Garbage Dump: The Political and Economic Foundations of the Colombian Recycler Movement, 1986-2011.” Social Problems 63(3): 351-72.

2016 Co-Winner Katherine Maich  

 “Collective [Dis]Empowerment: Gendered Divisions and the Organization of Worker Centers.”

2016 Co-Winner Brian Halpin  

2015. “Subject to Change Without Notice: Mock Schedules and Flexible Employment in the United States.” Social Problems (62): 419–438.

2015 Jane McAlevey CUNY Graduate Center

“The Crisis of New Labor and Alinsky’s Legacy,”

2013 Co-Winner Barry Eidlin  

"Class vs. Special Interest: Labor Regimes and Union Strength in the United States and Canada, 1911-2011."

2013 Co-Winner Madison Van Oort  

“Post-Recession Governmentalities: Neoliberalism, Job Searching, and Comparative Control in Minneapolis”

2012 Shinji Kojima University of Hawaii- Manoa “Why Do Temp Workers Work as Hard as They Do?: The Process of Embodying the Illusion of Factory Work in Contemporary Japan”
2010 Jennifer Seminatore   "The Consequences of Collective Action: The Blue-Green Coalition and the Emergence of a Polanyian Social Movement."

Anna Wetterburg

UC Berkeley

"Codes, Coercion and Culture: Explaining Labor Self-

Regulation in the Apparel Industry."


Cesar Rodriguez-


University of Wisconsin

“Sewing Resistance:

Transnational Organizing, Anti-Sweatshop Activism,

and Labor Rights in the US-Caribbean Basin Apparel Industry (1990-2005).”


Barry eidlin

University of California-Berkeley

“State Coersion and the Rise of U.S. Business Unionism: The Counterfactual Case of Minneapolis Teamsters”


David Fitzgerald

University of California-Los Angeles

"Mexican State Responses to Labor Emigration, 1900-2004"


Jeffrey Sallaz

Honorable Mentions:

Teresa Sharpe

Jason Moore


"Manufacturing Concessions: Attritionary Outsourcing at GM's Lordstown, USA Assembly Plant

"Union Democracy and Successful Campaigns"

"Remaking Work, Remaking Space, Spaces of Production and Accumulation in the Reconstruction of American Capitalism, 1865-1920”

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