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Section on Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility

The Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility's Outstanding Book Award

Awarded annually for a book nominated by a Section member and published in the three calendar years preceding the ASA annual meeting at which the award is bestowed.

2017: Steve Viscelli, University of Pennsylvania, The Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream. University of California Press. 2016.

2016: Jacqueline Hagan, Ruben Hernandez-Leon, and Jean-Luc Demonsant, Skills of the "Unskilled": Work and Mobility Among Mexican Migrants. University of California Press. 2015.

2016: Sara Wakefield and Christopher Wildeman, Children of the Prison Boom: Mass Incarceration and the Future of American Inequality. Oxford University Press. 2014.

2015: Thomas DiPrete, Columbia University, and Claudia Buchmann, The Ohio State University, The Rise of Women: The Growing Gender Gap in Education and What it Means for American Schools. Russell Sage Foundation. 2013.

2014: Nancy DiTomaso, Rutgers University, The American Non-dilemma: Racial Inequality Without Racism. Russell Sage Foundation. 2013.

2013: Arne L. Kalleberg, Good Jobs, Bad Jobs: The Rise of Polarized and Precarious Employment Systems in the United States, 1970s to 2000s. Russell Sage Foundation / Rose Series. 2013.

2013 Honorable mention: Victor Rios, Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys. New York University Press. 2011.

2012: David J Harding, University of Michigan, Living the Drama:  Community, Conflict, and Culture Among Inner-City Boys. University of Chicago Press. 2010. 

2011: Jane L. Collins and Victoria Mayer, Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom of the Low- Wage Labor Market. University of Chicago Press. 2010.


The Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility's William Julius Wilson Early Career Award

Awarded annually by the Nominations Committee to recognize a scholar who has made major contributions early in his/her career. Persons who received their highest degree within the previous ten years shall be eligible to receive this award.

2107: Matthew Desmond, Harvard University

2016: Lauren Rivera, Northwestern University

2015: Patrick Sharkey, New York University

2014: David Harding, University of California, Berkeley

2014 Honorable Mention: Jennie E. Brand, University of California, Los Angeles

2013: Florencia Torche, New York University

2012: Devah Pager, Princeton University

2011: David Brady, WZB Berlin Social Research Center


The Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility's Robert M. Hauser Distinguished Scholar Award

Awarded annually by the Nominations Committee to mark and celebrate the field’s most fundamental accomplishments.

2017: Thomas DiPrete, Columbia University

2016: Rob Mare, University of California, Los Angeles

2015: Arne Kalleberg, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2014: Randy Hodson, The Ohio State University

2013: Christopher (Sandy) Jencks, Harvard University

2012: Donald J. Treiman, University of California, Los Angeles

2011: Robert M. Hauser, National Research Council


The Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility's Outstanding Article Award

Sponsored annually for an article nominated by a Section member and published in the calendar year preceding the ASA annual meetings.

2017: Daniel Laurison and Sam Friedman, “The Class Pay Gap in Higher Professional and Managerial Occupations,” American Sociological Review 81(4):668-695. 2016.

2016: Lauren A. Rivera, "Go with Your Gut: Emotion and Evaluation in Job Interviews," American Journal of Sociology 120(5):1339-1389. 2015.

2015: Anja-KristinAbendroth, Matt L. Huffman, and Judith Treas, "The Parity Penalty in Life Course Perspective Motherhood and Occupational Status in 13 European Countries,” American Sociological Review 79(5):993-1014. 2014.

2015: Youngjoo Cha, and Kim A. Weeden, “Overwork and the Slow Convergence in the Gender Gap in Wages,” American Sociological Review 79(3):457-484. 2014.

2014: Ken-Hou Lin, University of Texas, Austin, and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, University of Massachusetts, "Financialization and US Income Inequality, 1970-2008," American Journal of Sociology 118(5):1284-1329. 2013.

2012: Cheol-Sung Lee, University of Chicago, Young-Bum Kim, University of Wisconsin, and Jae-Mahon Shim, University of Chicago, "The Limit of Equality Projects: Public Sector Expansion, Sectoral Conflicts, and Income Inequality in Postindustrial Societies," American Sociological Review 76(1):100-124. 2011.

2011: Arthur Sakamoto and Changhwan Kim, "Is Rising Earnings Inequality Associated with Increased Exploitation?  Evidence for U.S. Manufacturing Industries, 1971-1996,"  Sociological Perspectives 53(1):19-43. 2010.

2011: Jennie Brand and Yu Xie, "Who Benefits Most from College? Evidence for Negative Selection in Heterogeneous Economic Returns to Higher Education," American Sociological Review 75(2):273-302. 2010.


The Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility's Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

Sponsored annually for a graduate student paper presented at a professional conference during the calendar year preceding the ASA annual meetings or published during the same time period. Papers must be nominated by a Section member.

2017: Peter Catron, "Made in America? Immigrant Occupational Mobility in the First Half of the Twentieth Century," American Journal of Sociology 122(2):325-378. 2016.

2016: Peter Rich, "White Parental Flight and Avoidance: Neighborhood Choices in the Era of School District Desegregation"

2015: Siwei Cheng, “A Life Course Trajectory Framework for Understanding the Intracohort Pattern of Wage Inequality,” American Journal of Sociology 120(3):633-700. 2014.

2014: Deirdre Bloome, Harvard University, “Racial Inequality Trends and the Intergenerational Persistence of Income and Family Structure,” American Sociological Review 79(6):1196-1225. 2014.

2013: S. Michael Gaddis, "Discrimination in the Credential Society: An Audit Study of Race and College Selectivity in the Labor Market," Social Forces 93(4):1451-1479. 2015.

2012: Ervin “Maliq” Matthew, The Ohio State University, "Effort Optimism in the Classroom: Attitudes of Black and White Students on Education, Social Structure, and Causes of Life Opportunities," Sociology of Education. 84(3):225- 245. 2011.

2011: Jessi Streib, University of Michigan, “Class Reproduction by Four Year Olds," Qualitative Sociology 34(2):337-352. 2011.

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