American Sociological Association

Section on Evolution, Biology and Society

Section on Evolution, Biology and Society Best Book or Article Award for a Faculty Member

Year Recipient Affiliation Publication
2017 Brea L. Perry  Indiana University Perry, Brea L. 2016. “Gendering Genetics: Biological Contingencies in the Protective Effects of Social Integration for Men and Women.” American Journal of Sociology 121:1655-96.
2016 Jonathan H. Turner, Richard Machalek, and Alexandra Maryanski.  

Handbook on Evolution and Society: Toward an Evolutionary Social Science. Paradigm Publishers, 2015

2012 David D. Franks   Neurosociology: The Nexus Between Neuroscience and Social Psychology.
2011 István Back & Andreas Flache   “The adaptive rationality of interpersonal commitment” Rationality and Society.
2010 Allan Horwitz Rutgers University "Allan V. Horwitz, Jerome C. Wakefield, and Robert L. Spitzer (2007). The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow into Depressive Disorder."


Section on Evolution, Biology and Society Best Student Article Award

Year Recipient Affiliation Publication
2015 Xexuan Liu and Guang Guo   Forthcoming. “Lifetime Socioeconomic Status, Historical Context, and Genetic Inheritance in Shaping Body Mass in Middle and Late Adulthood.” American Sociological Review.
2014 Anna Bellatorre University of Nebraska – Lincoln  
2012 Steward Man-Kit Lei & Mary Bond Edmund, U. of Georgia “The effects of concentrated disadvantage, social ties, and genetic variation on the antisocial behavior of african american women.”
2010 David Peterson Northwestern U “The ivy and the trellis: Agency, biology and socialization.”
2006 Jerry Cullum U. of Wyoming “Selection pressures on cultural contents: The role of social learning, evolutionary psychology and dynamic social input in accounting for the evolution of culture.”
2005 Daniel E. Adkins UNC Chapel Hill "Unified stratification theory: Structure, genome and status across human societies."

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