American Sociological Association

Section on Disability in Society

Distinguished Career in the Sociology of Disability

2017: Sara Green, University of South Florida


Distinguished Contributions to the Sociology of Disability

2014: Richard Scotch, University of Texas-Dallas

2014: Sharon Barnartt, Gallaudet University

2014: Barbara Altman, Disability Statistics Consultant


The Section on Disability in Society's Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

2017: Jennifer D. Brooks, “Just a Little Respect: Differences in Job Satisfaction among Individuals With and Without Disabilities”

2016: Justine E. Egner, “Hegemonic or Queer?: A Comparative Analysis of Five LGBTQIA/Disability Intersectional Social Movement Organizations”

2015: Suzan Walters, Stony Brook University, “Caregiving and HIV: Accounts of Resisting Individualism, Privatization, and Cuts in Social Spending”

2014: Chen Yang, "Being Independent From Whom? Analyzing Two Interpretations in the Paradigm of Independent Living”


Outstanding Publication in the Sociology of Disability

2017: Angela Frederick, “Risky Mothers and the Normalcy Project,” Gender and Society 31(1):74-95. 2017. 

2017: Carrie L. Shandra and Anna Penner, “Benefactors and Beneficiaries? Disability and Care to Others,” Journal of Marriage and Family 79(4):1160-1185. 2017.

2016: Linda M. Blum, Raising Generation Rx: Mothering Kids with Invisible Disabilities in an Age of Inequality. New York University Press. 2015.

2015: Dara Shifrer, Houston Education Research Consortium, “Stigma of a Label: Educational Expectations for High School Students Labeled with Learning Disabilities,” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 54(4):462-480. 2013.

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