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The Crime, Law & Deviance Section's Albert J. Reiss, Jr. Distinguished Scholarship Award

Renamed the Albert Reiss Award in 1996; previously presented as the Distinguished Scholar Award. The award is presented every other year for a book or a series of articles.

Year Name Affiliation Title

Randol Contreras

University of Toronto

The Stickup Kids: Race, Drugs, Violence, and the American Dream.

2014 Award presented in alternate years.

Robert J. Sampson


Great American City. (University of Chicago. 2012)

2012 Award presented in alternate years.

Lynne A. Haney

New York University Offending Women: Power, Punishment, and the Regulation of Desire. University of California Press.
2010 Award presented in alternate years.

John Hagan, Wenona Rymond-Richmond Northwestern University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Darfur and the Crime of Genocide.
2008 Award presented in alternate years.
2007 Bruce Western Princeton University Punishment and Inequality in America. Russell Sage Foundation.
2006 Award presented in alternate years.
2005 John H. Laub and Robert J. Sampson University of Maryland
Harvard University
Shared Beginnings, Divergent Lives: Delinquent Boys to Age 70, 2003, Harvard University Press
2004 Award presented in alternate years.
2003 John Hagan Northwestern University “Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada”
2002 Award presented in alternate years.
2001 Kitty Calavita, Henry Calavita, and Robert Tellman   Big Money Crime: Fraud and Politics in the Savings and Loan Crisis
2000 Award presented in alternate years.
1999 Simon I. Singer State University of New York, Buffalo Recriminalizing Delinquency: Violent Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice Reform
1998 Award presented in alternate years.
1997 Charles R. Tittle Washington State University Control Balance
1996 Award presented in alternate years.
1995 Robert J. Sampson
John Laub
University of Chicago
Northeastern University
Crime in the Making: Pathways and Turning Points Through Life
1994 Award presented in alternate years.
1993 Lawrence R. Sherman University of Maryland Policing Domestic Violence: Experiments and Dilemmas (book)
1992 Award presented in alternate years.
1991 Not given    
1990 Gary Marx MIT Undercover: Police Surveillance in America (book)
1989 Award presented in alternate years.
1988 No Award Presented    
1987 Eleanor Miller/
Julia & Herman Schwendinger
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee /
SUNY-New Paltz
Street Women /
Adolescent Subcultures & Delinquency
1986 Dane Archer
Rosemary Gartner
University of California-Santa Cruz
University of Iowa
Violence & Crime in Cross-National Perspective
1985 William Chambliss University of Delaware  
1984 Award presented in alternate years.
1983 David Greenberg   Mathematical Criminology


The Crime, Law & Deviance Section Graduate Student Paper Award

Year Name Affiliation Title
2016 Sarah Brayne Princeton University

"Stratified Surveillance: Policing in the Age of Big Data"

2015 Monica Bell Harvard University

“From Legal Cynicism to Situational Trust.”


Hassan El Menyawi

New York University “The Great Reversal”
2013 Armando Lara-Millan Northwestern University

“Incarcerating in the era of penal retrenchment”

2012 Sarah Brayne Princeton University  
2011 Christopher Muller Harvard University The First Great Migration and the Rise of Racial disparity in American Incarceration, 1890-1950


Michael Light and Casey T. Harris

Pennsylvania State University

“Race, Space, and Violence: Exploring Spatial Dependence in Structural Covariates of White and Black Violent Crime in U.S. Counties.”


John Easton

Duke University

“Mapping Prison Proliferation: Region, Rurality, Race and Disadvantage in Prison Placement”


Philip Goodman

University of California Irvine

“It’s Just Black, White or Hispanic’: An Ethnographic Examination of Racializing Moves in California’s Segregated Prison Reception Areas”


Callie H. Burt

University of Georgia

“A Longitudinal Test of the General Theory of Crime's Predictions Regarding the Effects of Parenting and the Stability of Self Control”


Kraig Beyerlein
John R. Hipp

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“Bridging or Bonding Social Capital as an Antidote to Crime: The Case of American Religious Traditions”
Megan C. Kurlycheck
Brian D. Johnson

Pennsylvania State University

"The Juvenile Penalty: A Comparison of Juvenile and Young Adult Sentencing Outcomes in Criminal Court"


Devah Pager

University of Wisconsin, Madison

“The Mark of a Criminal”


Brian Johnson

Pennsylvania State University

“Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Sentencing Departures Across Modes of Conviction”


Christine Bond

University of Washington

“Does Gender Still Matter? Quantitative and narrative Analysis of Gender Differences in Criminal Involvement and Pre-trial Release”


Catherine Kaukinen

University of Toronto

“The Help-Seeking Crime Victims: AN Examination of the Victim-Offender Relationship”


Charis Kubrin

University of Washington

“Racial Heterogeneity and Crime”


Ross Macmillan

University of Toronto

“Violence in the Life Course: Assessing the Socio-economic Consequences of Adolescent Victimization”


Jeffrey D. Morenoff

University of Chicago

"Exploring the Race-Crime Relationship: Neighborhood Change and the Ecological Context of Homicide in Chicago, 1970-1990"
Alan Widmayer

Candice Nelsen

University of Delaware

Vanderbilt University

“The Relevance of Religion to the Study of Crime and Deviance”

“Elderly Homocide Victimization: An Application of the Lifestyle/Routine Activities Theory of Victimization”


Eric Silver

State University of New York

"Testing the Limits of the Moral Order; A Comparison of the Lengths of Confinement of Successful & Unsuccessful Insanity Defendants"


Jody A. Miller

University of Southern California

"Gender & Power on the Streets: The Ecology of Street Prostitution in an Era of Crack Cocaine"


No Award Presented


No Award Presented


No Award Presented


No Award Presented


David Farrington, Lloyd Ohlin, and James Q. Wilson
"Understanding and Controlling Crime"


The Crime, Law & Deviance Section's James Short Award

Year Recipient Affiliation Title
2016 Brea L. Perry and Edward W. Morris Indiana University and University of Kentucky “Suspending Progress: Collateral Consequences of Exclusionary Punishment in Public Schools.” American Sociological Review 79: 1067-1087
2014 Issa Kohler-Hausmann New York University

“Misdemeanor Justice:  Control with Conviction.”  American Journal of Sociology, 119(2): 351-393.

2012 Robert Faris and Diane Felmlee University of California- Davis and Pennsylvania State University

2011. “Status Struggles: Network Centrality and Gender Segregation in Same- and Cross-Gender Aggression.” American Sociological Review. February 2011 vol. 76 no. 1 48-73.

2011 No award presented.    


David S. Kirk
University of Texas Austin
“A Natural Experiment on Residential Change and Recidivism: lessons from Hurricane Katrina,” published in the American Sociological Review, June, 2009.


Peggy C. Giordano, Ryan D. Schroeder and Stephen A. Cernkovich

Bowling Green University, University of Louisville and Bowling Green University

“Emotions and Crime over the Life Course.” American Journal of Sociology


Bruce Western and Becky Pettit:
"Black-White Wage Inequality, Employment Rates, and Incarceration," American Journal of Sociology 111: 553-78.


Peggy C. Giordano, Stephen A. Cernkovich, and
Jennifer L. Rudolph
“Gender, Crime and Desistance: Toward a Theory of Cognitive Transformation”
2003 No Award Presented    


Dana L. Haynie

Ohio State University

“Delinquent Peers Revisited: Does Network Structure Matter?”


The Crime, Law & Deviance Section's Peterson- Krivo Mentoring Award

Year Recipient Affiliation

Claire M. Renzetti

University of Kentucky

Christopher Uggen

University of Minnesota
2012 John Hagan

Northwestern University


The Crime, Law & Deviance Section America's Award

This award was first named the "Latin American Award" until it became the "Latin American Scholar Award" in 1988, and late, the America’s Award. Last awarded in 1992.

Year Name Affiliation
1992 Luis Rodriguez Manzanera Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
1991 No Award Presented  
1990 Boris Fausto Sao Paulo, Brazil
1989 Paulo Sergio Pinheiro Universidade de Sao Paulo
1988 Lola Aniyar de Castro  
1987 Margarita Viera Hernandez Universidad de La Habana, Cuba
1986 Eugenio Raul Zaffrioni Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires
1985 Rosa del Olmo University of Venezuela-Caracas
1984 No Award Presented  
1983 No Award Presented  

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