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Section on the Sociology of Consumers and Consumption Award Recipients

The Section on the Sociology of Consumers and Consumption's Student Paper Award

2017: Nathan Wilmers, "Does Consumer Demand Reproduce Inequality? High-income Consumers, Vertical Differentiation and the Wage Structure" American Journal of Sociology 123(1):178-231. 2017.

2017: Hannah Wohl, “Signature Styles: The Production of Uniqueness”

2016: Caitlin Daniel, “Economic Constraints on Taste Formation and the True Cost of Healthy Eating.”  Social Science & Medicine 148:34-41. 2016.

2015: Zachary Hyde, “Omnivorous Gentrification: Restaurant Reviews and Neighborhood Change in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.” City and Community 13(4):341-359. 2014.

2014: Janet Lorenzen, Rutgers University, “Challenges to Reducing Consumption: Social Connections and the Problem of Gift Giving.” Symbolic Interaction 41(2):247-266. 2018.

2013: Kjerstin Gruys, University of California, Los Angeles, "Does This Make Me Look Fat? Aesthetic Labor and Fat Talk as Emotional Labor in a Women's Plus-Size Clothing Store." Social Problems 59(4):481-500. 2014.


The Section on the Sociology of Consumers and Consumption's Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award

2017: Kristie O’Neill and Daniel Silver, "From Hungry to Healthy: Simmel, Self-Cultivation and the Transformative Experience of Eating for Beauty.” Food, Culture & Society 20(1):101-132. 2017.

2016: Michaela DeSoucey, Contested Tastes: Foie Gras and the Politics of Food. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 2016.

2015: Erin Metz McDonnell, “Budgetary Units: A Weberian Approach to Consumption,” The American Journal of Sociology 119(2):307-350. 2013.

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