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Call for Invited Session Proposals

The program for the 2019 Annual Meeting is now taking shape under the leadership of President-elect Mary Romero and the 2019 Program Committee. The theme of "Engaging Social Justice for a Better World" invites participation across the discipline and provides many opportunities to bring together a variety of sociological work in diverse formats.

Members are encouraged to submit session proposals for the following components of the program:

Thematic Sessions explore the meeting theme. These sessions are broad in scope and endeavor to make the theme of the meeting come alive.

Special Sessions focus on new areas of sociological work or other timely topics which may or may not relate to the theme. They generally address sociological issues, whether in research or its application.

Regional Spotlight Sessions provide opportunities to look at issues surrounding the host site for the Annual Meeting. With New York City, as the site of the 2019 Annual Meeting, there are many opportunities to develop interesting session topics with invited panelists.

Author Meets Critic Sessions are designed to bring authors of recent books deemed to be important contributions to the discipline together with discussants chosen to provide different viewpoints. Books published during 2016-2018 are eligible for nomination. Only ASA members may submit nominations; self-nominations are not accepted.


Guidelines for Submitting Session Proposals

Thematic Sessions, Special Sessions, and Regional Spotlight Sessions Proposals must include:

  • Designation of the session type: Thematic Session; Special Session; Regional Spotlight Session
  • Working title for the session (15 words or less);
  • Brief description of the substantive focus (300 words or less);
  • Session Organizer(s)
  • A list of potential participants and/or paper titles.

Author Meets Critics Session proposals must include:

  • Title of Book (include publisher and publication date)
  • Brief statement about the book
  • Session Organizer(s)
  • A list of potential critics)

Organizer Eligibility

All session organizers must be members of ASA. Students are not eligible to serve as sole organizers of invited sessions.


Proposals are due by February 16, 2018.


1. Log in with your ASA username and password on the portal

2. Click on the link "2019 Submit Invited Session Proposal"


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