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ASA Staff

Executive Officer
Sally Hillsman (ext 316)

Administration and Operations
Deputy Executive Officer for Administration & Technology: Janet Astner (ext 302)
Executive Assistant: Valerie Pines (ext 301)
Office Assistant and Mailroom:  David Matthews (ext 329)

Academic and Professional Affairs Program
Director: Margaret Weigers Vitullo (ext 323)
Program Coordinator: Jaime Hecht (ext 318)

Business Office
Director of Finance: Les Briggs (ext 307)
Accounting Manager: Girma Efa (ext 306)

Governance and Information Systems Department (ext 340)
Director and ASA Archivist:  Michael Murphy (ext 327)
Webmaster: Redante Asuncion-Reed (ext 304)
Program Coordinator: Justin Lini (ext. 330)
Program Coordinator: Jordan Robison (ext. 334) or

Meeting Services Department (ext 305)
Director: Kareem D. Jenkins (ext 309)
Program Manager: Jamie Arca (ext 337)

Membership/Subscriptions/Customer Service Department (ext 389)
Director: Karen Gray Edwards (ext 319)
Membership Manager: Craig Schaar (ext 335)
Membership/Customer Service Representative: Brandon McCain (ext 326)

Minority Affairs Program
Director: Jean H. Shin (ext 321)
Minority & Student Affairs Coordinator: Beth Floyd (ext 322)

Public Affairs/Public Information Program
Director: Bradley Smith (ext 320)
Media Relations & Public Affairs Officer: Daniel Fowler (ext 885)
Managing Editor, Footnotes: Johanna Olexy (ext 312)

Publications Department
Director: Karen Gray Edwards (ext 319)
Publications & Journals Manager: Janine Chiappa McKenna (ext 303)
Publishing & Employment Service Manager: Jamie Panzarella (ext 336)

Research on the Discipline and Profession Department
Director: John W. Curtis (ext 317)
Senior Research Associate: Nicole Van Vooren (ext 313)
Senior Research Associate: Michael Kisielewski (ext 346)
Senior Research Fellow: Roberta Spalter-Roth (ext 315)

Spivack Program in Applied Social Research & Social Policy
Coordinator: Bradley Smith (ext 320)
Program Assistant: Beth Floyd (ext 322)

E-mail addresses for individual ASA staff members are not listed, in an effort to cut down on the amount of spam. You may reach any ASA staff person via e-mail by using the departmental mailboxes shown above.

Phone: (202) 383-9005
FAX: (202) 638-0882