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Seymour Martin Lipset Award Statement

Throughout a career spanning more than half a century, Seymour Martin Lipset has addressed questions that lie at the heart of sociology — how individuals, societies, and states shape each other, how social processes constrain and enable forms of government at every scale of human activity. His works are memorable, and we recall some of their evocative titles: Agrarian Socialism, 1950; Union Democracy (with M. Trow and J. S. Coleman), 1953; Political Man, 1960; The First New Nation,1963; American Exceptionalism, 1996. Lipset’s analyses on these and other topics, such as religion, academic institutions, and inequality profoundly influenced subsequent scholarly work. The American Sociological Association is proud to honor this pathbreaking body of work, a past ASA President who is a most creative and imaginative scholar.