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Troy Duster Award Statement

Troy Duster is honored for his many and varied contributions as an active researcher and public voice, asking the tough or unasked questions about race, inclusion, and social justice. In recent years, he has made major contributions to understanding the social implications of “advances” in the fields of molecular biology and genetics, including working with the National Center for Human Genome Research. Duster’s sage advice on academic life and diversity issues is evident in his appointment as a Board member for the American Association of Colleges and Universities and as a frequent consultant to the Ford Foundation. With service on such Boards as the State of California Master Plan for Post-secondary Education, the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the National Coalition of Universities in the Public Interest, and currently as a member of the National Advisory Committee of the Decade of Behavior, Duster embodies the tradition of this award – serving effectively as a wide-ranging public intellectual, making significant contributions to racial justice and social equality in the academy and society.