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Results of 2008 Section Elections

Results of 2008 ASA Section Elections

Section 01: Teaching and Learning

Chair-Elect: Kathleen McKinney, Illinois State University
2 Year Representative: John Glass, Colin County Community College
4 Year Representative: Kerry Strand, Hood College
University Representative: Diane Taub, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Section 02: Methodology

Council Members: Ross Matsueda, University of Washington and Katherine Faust, University of California - Irvine
Secretary Treasurer: John Allen Logan, University of Wisconsin

Section 03: Medical Sociology

Chair-Elect: Bill Avison, University of Western Ontario
Secretary-Treasurer: Carol Boyer, Rutgers University
Council Member: Sarah Burgard, University of Michigan
Nominations Committee Chair: Jeremy Freese, Northwestern University
Nominations Committee Members: Jennie Kronenfeld, Arizona State University and Kristen Springer, Rutgers University
Chair, Health Policy and Research Committee: Verna Keith, Florida State University
Membership Committee Chair: Heather Turner, University of New Hampshire
Nominations Committee, Student Member: Matt Gayman, Florida State University
Student Representative: Dawne Mouzon, Rutgers University

Section 04: Crime, Law, and Deviance

Chair-Elect: Robert Crutchfield, University of Washington
Council Members: Lauren Krivo, Ohio State University and Ronald Weitzer, George Washington University

Section 05: Sociology of Education

Chair-Elect: Brian Powell, Indiana University
Council Members: James Ainsworth, Georgia State University and Catherine Riegle-Crumb, University of Texas - Austin

Section 06: Sociology of Family

Chair-Elect: Judith Seltzer, University of California - Los Angeles
Council Members: Michelle Budig, University of Massachusetts and Becky Pettit, University of Washington
Student Representative: Jennifer Holland, University of Wisconsin- Madison

Section 07: Organizations, Occupations, and Work

Chair-Elect: Christine Williams, University of Texas - Austin
Council Member: Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Indiana University and Emilio J. Castilla, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Section 08: Sociological Theory

Chair-Elect: Richard Swedberg, Cornell University
Council Member: Andreas Glaeser, University of Chicago and Wendy Nelson Espeland, Northwestern University

Section 09: Sex and Gender

Chair-Elect: Nancy Naples, University of Connecticut
Council Members: Rebecca Klatch, University of California-San Diego and Jennifer Reich, University of Denver
Secretary-Treasurer: Amy Best, George Mason University
Sally Hacker Award Committee: C.J. Pascoe, University of California-Berkeley and Frances Hasso, Oberlin College

Section 10: Community and Urban Sociology

Secretary-Treasurer: Celeste Watkins-Hayes, Northwestern University
Council Members: Monica McDermott, Stanford University and Mary Fischer, University of Connecticut
Publications Committee: Juan Onésimo Sandoval, Northwestern University and Chris Browning, Ohio State University

Section 11: Social Psychology

Chair-Elect: Dawn Robinson, University of Georgia
Council Members: Tim Owens, Purdue University and Deborah Carr, Rutgers University
Student Representative: Sarah Harkness, Stanford University

Section 12: Peace, War, and Social Conflict

Chair-Elect: Juanita Firestone, University of Texas - San Antonio
Council Member #1: Meridith Thanner, Johns Hopkins University
Council Member #2: Josh Klein, Iona College

Section 13: Environment and Technology

Nominations Committee Chair: Beth Caniglia, Oklahoma State University
Research and Policy Committee Chair: Richard York, University of Oregon
Publications Committee Chair: Michael Carolan, Colorado State University
Council Member: Lee Clarke, Rutgers University
Student Representative: Rachel L. Shwon-Evelich, Michigan State University

Section 14: Marxist Sociology

Co Chairs-Elect: Patricia Clough, Graduate Center - CUNY and Howard Waitzkin, University of New Mexico; Arthur Art Jipson, University of Dayton
Council Members: Jacqueline Carrigan, California State University - Sacramento and Wilma Dunaway, Virginia Tech
Student Representative: Joshua Howard, The Graduate Center - CUNY

Section 15: Sociological Practice

Chair-Elect: Jeffry A. Will, University of North Florida
Council Members: Lisa M. Frehill, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology, Kathy Shepherd Stolley, Virginia Wesleyan College and Philip Nyden, Loyola University Chicago

Section 17: Political Economy of the World System

Chair-Elect:Jeffrey D. Kentor, University of Utah
Council Member #1: John M. Talbot, University of the West Indies
Council Member #2: Leontina Hormel, University of Idaho
Student Representative: Kaan Agartan, SUNY-Binghamton

Section 18: Aging and the Life Course

Chair Elect: Peter Uhlenberg, University of North Carolina
Council: Dennis Hogan, Brown University and Ross MacMillan, University of Minnesota
Student Representative: Jennifer Karas Montez, University of Texas - Austin

Section 19: Sociology of Mental Health

Chair-Elect: Mark Tausig, University of Akron
Secretary-Treasurer: Teresa Scheid, UNC Charlotte
Nominations Committee Member: Maxine Thompson, North Carolina State University
Membership Committee Member: Kristen Marcussen, Kent State University
Award Committee: Carol Aneshensel, University of California - Los Angeles
Student Representative: Deidre Redmond, Indiana University

Section 20: Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Chair-Elect: Nella Van Dyke, Washington State University
Council Members: Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Indiana University and Gregory M. Maney, Hofstra University
Publications Committee: Sharon Erickson Nepstad, University of Southern Maine
Workshop Committee Member: Rachel V. Kutz-Flamenbaum, SUNY Stony Brook
Nominations Committee: Patrick Coy, Kent University

Section 21: Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Chair-Elect: Erica Chito Childs, Hunter College
Council Members: Angela Gonzales, Cornell University and Korie Edwards, The Ohio State University
Student Representative: Jennifer C. Mueller, Texas A&M University

Section 22: Comparative and Historical Sociology

Chair-Elect: Elisabeth S. Clemens, University of Chicago
Secretary-Treasurer: Victoria Johnson, University of Michigan
Council Members: Jeffrey Haydu, University of California - San Diego and Ming-Cheng Lo, University of California-Davis

Section 23: Political Sociology

Chair-Elect: John Stephens, UNC Chapel Hill
Secretary-Treasurer: Yasemin Soysal, University of Essex
Council Members: Monica Prasad, Northwestern University and Ann Hironaka, University of California - Irvine

Section 24: Asia and Asian America

Chair-Elect: Yanjie Bian, University of Minnesota
Council Members: Xiaogang Wu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Yong Cai, Utah University
Student Representative: abeen Sandhu, University of California - Irvine

Section 25: Sociology of Emotions

Chair-Elect: Amy S. Wharton, Washington State University
Council Members: Jennifer Lois, Western Washington University and Tim Hallett, Indiana University

Section 26: Sociology of Culture

Chair-Elect: Karen Cerulo, Rutgers University
Council Members: David Grazian, University of Pennsylvania and Eiko Ikegami, New School for Social Research
Secretaty-Treasurer: Jennifer Lena, Vanderbil University
Student Representative: Stacie F. Furia, University of California - Santa Barbara

Section 27: Science, Knowledge, and Technology

Secretary - Treasurer: Christopher Henke, Colgate University
Council Members: Abby J. Kinchy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Amit Prasad, University of Missouri-Columbia

Section 28: Communication and Information Technology

Chair-Elect: Gustavo S. Mesch, University of Haifa
Council Members: Laura Robinson, University of Southern California and Brian Loader, University of York

Section 29: Latino/a Sociology

Chair-Elect: Milagros Peña, University of Florida
Secretary - Treasurer: William Velez, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Council Members: Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky, University of California - Santa Barbara and Fernando I. Rivera, University of Central Florida
Student Representative: Michael Juan Chavez, University of California, Riverside

Section 30: Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

Chair-Elect: Henry Brownstein, University of Chicago
Secretary - Treasurer: Steve Lankenau, University of Southern California
Council Member: Yonette Thomas, National Institute of Health

Section 31: Children and Youth

Chair-Elect: Sampson Lee Blair, The State University of New York
Council Members: Allison Pugh, University of Virginiaand Valerie Leiter, Simmons College
Student Representative: Melanie Jones, University of California-Davis

Section 32: Sociology of Law

Chair-Elect: Calvin Morrill, University of California - Irvine
Council Member: Robert Nelson, American Bar Foundation, Katherine Beckett, University of Washington, and Jennifer Earl, University of California, Santa Barbara

Section 34: Sociology of Religion

Chair-Elect: Fred Kniss, Loyola University Chicago
Council Members: Fenggang Yang, Purdue University and Elaine Howard Ecklund, SUNY-Buffalo

Section 35: International Migration

Chair-Elect: Katharine Donato, Vanderbilt University
Council Members: Margaret Chin, Hunter College and Robert Courtney Smith, Baruch College
Student Representative: Noriko Matsumoto, Graduate Center, CUNY

Section 36: Race, Gender, and Class

Chair-Elect: Maxine Craig, California State University-East Bay
Secretary - Treasurer: Mary Kelly, University of Central Missouri
Council Members: Elizabeth Bernstein, Barnard College/Columbia University and Antonia Randolph, University of Delaware

Section 37: Mathematical Sociology

Chair-Elect: Ronald Breiger, University of Arizona
Council Members: James Kitts, Columbia University and Dawn Robinson, University of Georgia
Student Representative: Cyprian Wejnert, Cornell University

Section 38: Sociology of Sexualities

Chair-Elect: Beth Schneider, University of California - Santa Barbara
Council Members: Eve Shapiro, University of Connecticut and Laura Carpenter, Vanderbilt University
Student Representative: Tey Meadow, New York University

Section 39: History of Sociology

Chair-Elect: Craig Calhoun, Social Science Research Council
Council Members: Anthony J. Blasi, Tennessee State University and Kay Richards Broschart, Hollins University
Student Representatives: Michelle Christian, Duke University and Zandria F. Robinson, Nothwestern University

Section 40: Economic Sociology

Chair-Elect: Frank Dobbin, Harvard University
Council Members: Nina Bandelj, University of California - Irvine, Robert F. Freeland, University of Wisconsin, and Damon J. Phillips, University of Chicago

Section 41: Labor and Labor Movements

Chair-Elect: Kate Bronfenbrenner, Cornell University
Secretary-Treasurer: Hector Delgado, University of La Verne
Council Member: Anna Guevara, University of Illinois at Chicago
Student Representative: Barry Eidlin, University of California - Berkeley

Section 42: Animals and Society

Chair-Elect: Amy Fitzgerald, University of Windsor
Student Representative: Elizabeth Cherry, University of Georgia

Section 43: Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

Co-Chairs: Angela Garcia, Bentley College; Jack Whalen, Palo Alto Research Center
Secretary-Treasurer: Karen Lutfey, New England Research Institutes
Council Members: Mark Peyrot, Loyola College and Esther Gonzalez Martinez, University of Fribourg

Section 44: Evolution and Sociology

Chair-Elect: Stephen K. Sanderson, University of California, Riverside
Council Members: Patrick Nolan, University of South Carolina and Christine Horne, Washington State University

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