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Results of 2007 Section Elections

Results of 2007 ASA Section Elections

Section 01: Teaching and Learning

Chair-Elect: Betsy Lucal, Indiana University, South Bend
Two-Year Representative: Susan Belair, Monroe Community College
Four-Year Representative: Susan Ferguson, Grinnell College
University Representative: Kathleen Lowney, Valdosta State University

Section 02: Methodology

Chair-Elect: Tim Liao, University of Illinois

Section 03: Medical Sociology

Chair-Elect: Janet Hankin, Wayne State University
Nominations Committee Chair-Elect: Robin Simon, Florida State University
Nominations Committee Member: Stefan Timmermans, University of California, Los Angeles
Nominations Committee Student Member: Elaine Hernandez, University of Minnesota
Publications Committee Chair: Michael Hughes, Virginia Tech
Career and Employment Committee Chair: Sara Shostak, Brandeis University
Teaching Committee Chair: Rachel Kimbro, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Council Member-at-Large: Jason Schnittker, University of Pennsylvania
Student Council Member: Cheryl Stults, Brandeis University

Section 04: Crime, Law and Deviance

Chair-Elect: Sally S. Simpson, University of Maryland
Council Members: Rosemary Gartner, University of Toronto; and
Chris E. Kubrin, George Washington University

Section 05: Sociology of Education

Chair-Elect: Claudia Buchmann, Ohio State University
Council: Eric Grodsky, University of California; and
Ruth López Turley, University of Wisconsin

Section 06: Sociology of Family

Chair-Elect: Daniel T. Lichter, Cornell University
Council: Megan M. Sweeney, UCLA; and Jennifer Glick, Arizona State
Student Representative: Dawn Norris, University of Maryland

Section 07: Organizations, Occupations and Work (OOW)

Chair-Elect: Joe Galaskiewicz, University of Arizona
Secretary-Treasurer: Matt Huffman, University of California, Irvine
Council Members: Lynne Zucker, University of California, Los Angeles; and Irene Padavic, Florida State University

Section 08: Sociological Theory

Secretary-Treasurer: Andrew Perrin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Council: Phillip Gorski, Yale University; and
Shelly Correll, Cornell University
Student Representative: Monika Krause, New York University; and
Pamela Emanuelson, University of South Carolina

Section 09: Sex and Gender

Chair-Elect: Michael Messner, University of Southern California
Council: Patti Giuffre, Texas State University, San Marcos; and
Michelle Budig, University of Massachusetts
Sally Hacker Award Committee: Allison Pugh, University of Virginia

Section 10: Community and Urban Sociology

Council: Kevin Fox Gotham, National Science Foundation; and
Robert Adelman, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Publications Committee: Andrew Beveridge, Queens College CUNY; and
Samantha Friedman, Northeastern University
Dues Increase Proposal: Approved

Section 11: Social Psychology

Chair: Karen Hegtvedt, Emory University
Secretary-Treasurer: Amy Kroska, Kent State University
Council: Matthew Hunt, Northeastern University; and
Martha Foschi, University of British Columbia

Section 12: Peace, War, and Social Conflict

Chair-Elect: David S. Meyer, University of California, Irvine
Council: Daniel Ritter, University of Texas at Austin; and
Meredith A. Kleykamp, University of Kansas

Section 13: Environment and Technology

Chair-Elect: Robert Brulle, Drexel University
Council (Teaching): Sherry Cable, University of Tennessee
Council (Membership): Andrew Jorgenson, Washington State University

Section 14: Marxist Sociology

Chair-Elect: Judith Blau, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Council: Tom Keil, Arizona State University West Campus; and
Lloyd Klein, Grambling State University

Section 15: Sociological Practice

Chair-Elect: Augusto Diana, National Institute on Drug Abuse
Secretary-Treasurer: Jammie Price, Appalachian State University
Council: Laura Nichols, Santa Clara University;
Nicole Flynn, University of South Alabama;
Roy Feldman, Behavior Analysis in New York

Section 16: Sociology of Population

Chair-Elect: Wendy Manning, Bowling Green State University
Council: Karin Brewster, Florida State University; and
R. Kelly Raley, University of Texas, Austin

Section 17: Political Economy of the World System

Chair-Elect: Jennifer Bair, Yale University
Council: Ho-Fung Hung, Indiana University, Bloomington; and
Greta Krippner, University of Michigan
Student Representative: Rebecca Clausen, University of Oregon

Section 18: Aging and the Life Course

Chair-Elect: Eliza Pavalko, Indiana University
Secretary-Treasurer: Anne Barrett, Florida State University
Council: Victor Marshall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; and
Jessica Kelley-Moore, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Student Representative: Jori Sechrist, Purdue University
Proposal to Consider SALC Sponsorship of Advances in Life Course Research: Approved

Section 19: Sociology of Mental Health

Chair-Elect: Linda K. George, Duke University
Chair, Publications: R. Jay Turner, Florida State University
Chair, Nominations: Scott Schieman, University of Toronto
Council: Richard Miech, University of Colorado, Denver
Student Council Member: Taralyn McMullen, University of Toronto
Section Sponsorship of a Journal: Approved

Section 20: Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Chair-Elect: Robert D. Benford, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Secretary-Treasurer: Bob Edwards, East Carolina University
Council: Belinda Robnett, University of California-Irvine; and
Nancy Whittier, Smith College
Publications Committee: Benita Roth, Binghamton University
Nominations Committee: Maren Klawiter, Georgia Institute of Technology
Workshop Committee: David Cunningham, Brandeis University

Section 21: Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Section 22: Comparative and Historical Sociology

Chair-Elect: Rebecca Emigh, University of California, Los Angeles
Council: Julian Go, Boston University; and
Marc W. Steinberg, Smith College
Student Representative: Amy Kate Bailey, University of Washington

Section 23: Political Sociology

Chair-Elect: Gay Seidman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Council: Gianpaolo Baiocchi, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; and
John D. Skrentny, University of California, San Diego

Section 24: Asia and Asian America

Chair-Elect: Mary Yu Danico, California State Polytechnic University
Council: Angie Chung, SUNY, Albany;
Rebecca Kim, Pepperdine University;
Lisa Park, University of California, San Diego
Secretary-Treasurer: Emily Ignacio, University of Washington, Tacoma

Section 25: Sociology of Emotions

Chair-Elect: Jan E. Stets, University of California, Riverside
Council: E. Doyle McCarthy, Fordham University
Secretary-Treasurer: Alicia Cast, Iowa State University

Section 26: Sociology of Culture

Chair-Elect: Mark Jacobs, George Mason University
Council: Courtney Bender, Columbia University; and
Melissa Wilde, University of Pennsylvania
Student Representative: Bart Bonikowski, Princeton University

Section 27: Science, Knowledge, and Technology

Chair-Elect: Daniel Kleinman
Council: Patrick Carroll, University of California, Davis; and
Jackie Orr, Syracuse University

Section 28: Communication and Information Technologies

Chair-Elect: Keith Hampton, University of Pennsylvania
Secretary-Treasurer: Anabel Quan Haase
Council: Jennifer Earl, University of California, Santa Barbara; and
Sheila Cotten, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Section 29: Latino/a Sociology

Chair-Elect: Edward E. Telles, University of California, Los Angeles
Council: Zulema Valdez, Texas A&M University; and
Marta Maria Maldonado, Iowa State University
Student Representative: Daniela Pineda, University of Michigan

Section 30: Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs

Chair-Elect: Richard Wilsnack, University of North Dakota Medical
Council: Ellen Benoit, National Development and Research Institutes

Section 31: Children and Youth

Chair-Elect: Lingxin Hao, Johns Hopkins University
Secretary-Treasurer: W. Jean Yeung, New York University
Council: Nancy Marshall, Wellesley College; and
Melissa R. Herman, Dartmouth College
Student Representatives: Joseph Gasper, Johns Hopkins University; and
Maggie Hagerman, Lehigh University

Section 32: Sociology of Law

Chair-Elect: Carroll Seron, University of California, Irvine
Council:Vanessa Barker, Florida State University; and
John D. Skrentny, University of California, San Diego

Section 33: Rationality and Society

Chair-Elect: Brent Simpson, University of South Carolina
Secretary-Treasurer: Howard T. Welser, Cornell University
Council: Jane Sell, Texas A&M University

Section 34: Religion

Chair-Elect: Michael Emerson, Rice University
Council: James Davidson, Purdue University; and
Wendy Cadge, Brandeis University
Secretary-Treasurer: Kevin Christiano, University of Notre Dame
Graduate Student Representative: Christopher Scheitle, Pennsylvania State University

Section 35: International Migration

Chair-Elect: Frank Bean, University of California, Irvine
Council: Irene Bloemraad, University of California, Berkeley;
Steve Gold, Michigan State University; and
Nora Fuentes, Fordham University
Student Representative: Van Tran, Harvard University

Section 36: Race, Gender and Class

Chair-Elect: France Winddance Twine, University of California, Santa Barbara
Council: Erica Chito Childs, Hunter College; and
Milagros Pena, University of Florida

Section 37: Mathematical Sociology

Chair-Elect: Barbara Meeker, University of Maryland
Council: Jane Sell, Texas A&M University; and
Brent Simpson, University of South Carolina
Graduate Student Representative: Matt Brashears, University of Arizona
Awards Policy of the Mathematical Sociology Section: Approved

Section 38: Sexualities

Chair-Elect: Nancy Fischer, Augsburg College
Council: Steven Epstein, University of California, San Diego; and
Dawne Moon, University of California, Berkeley
Secretary-Treasurer: Kristen Schilt, Rice University
Student Representative: Elroi Waszkiewicz, Georgia State University

Section 39: History of Sociology

Chair-Elect: Charles Camic, Northwestern University
Council:Marcel Fournier, Université de Montréal; and
Richard Swedberg, Cornell University

Section 40: Economic Sociology

Chair-Elect: Mark Mizruchi, University of Michigan
Council: Kieran Healy, University of Arizona; and
Marion Fourcade, University of California, Berkeley
Secretary-Treasurer: Marc Schneiberg, Reed College

Section 41: Labor and Labor Movements

Chair-Elect: Michael Schwartz, Stony Brook University
Council: Jennifer Chun, University of British Columbia

Section 42: Animals and Society

Chair-Elect: Brian M. Lowe, SUNY, College at Oneonta
Council: Hellen Lawson, University of Pittsburgh; and
Angela Mertig, Middle Tennessee State University
Student Representative: Colin Jerolmack

Section 44: Evolution and Sociology

Chair-Elect: Rosemary Hopcroft, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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