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Results of 2005 Section Elections

Results of 2005 ASA Section Elections

Section 01: Teaching and Learning

Chair-Elect: John Zipp, University of Akron
Council, University Representative: Wendy Ng, San Jose State University
Council, Four-Year Institution Representative: Stephen Sweet, Ithaca College
Council, Two-Year Institution Representative: Susan Farrell, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

Section 02: Methodology

Chair: Thomas A. DiPrete, Columbia University
Chair-Elect: Ross M. ("Rafe") Stolzenberg, University of Chicago
Secretary-Treasurer: Guang Guo, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Council Member-at-Large: Kenneth C. Land, Duke University; Pamela Paxton, Ohio State University; Aimée Dechter, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Trond Petersen, University of California-Berkeley

Section 03: Medical Sociology

Chair-Elect: R. Jay Turner, Florida State University
Council Member-at-Large: William R. Avison, University of Western Ontario
Council Student Member: Elbert P. Almazan, Indiana University-Bloomington
Nominations Committee Chair: Jo Phelan, Columbia University
Nominations Committee Members: Susan E. Bell, Bowdoin College; and Deborah Carr, Rutgers University
Nominations Committee Student Member: Rachael B. Kulick, University of Minnesota
Teaching Committee Chair: Gloria Jones-Johnson, Iowa State University
Career & Employment Committee Chairs: Carol Caronna, Towson University; and Deborah C. Glik, University of California-Los Angeles
Publications Committee Chair: Maxine Thompson, North Carolina State University

Section 04: Crime, Law and Deviance

Chair-Elect: Bob Bursik, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Council: Dana Haynie, Ohio State University; and Karen Parker, University of Florida

Section 05: Sociology of Education

Chair-Elect: Michael Hout, University of California-Berkeley
Secretary-Treasurer: Suet-ling Pong, Penn State University
Council: Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, University of North Carolina-Charlotte; and Karolyn Tyson, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Section 06: Sociology of Family

Chair-Elect: Pamela Smock, University of Michigan
Council: Kathryn Edin, Northwestern University; and Annette Laraeu, Temple University
Student Representative: Mindy E. Scott, Pennsylvania State University

Section 07: Organizations, Occupations and Work (OOW)

Chair-Elect: Heather A. Haveman, Columbia University
Council: Kim A. Weeden, Cornell University; and Mary Blair-Loy, University of California-San Diego

Section 08: Sociological Theory

Chair-Elect: Karin Knorr Cetina, University of Konstanz
Secretary-Treasurer: Lisa Troyer, University of Iowa
Council: Julia Adams, Yale University; and Lyn Spillman, Notre Dame

Section 09: Sex and Gender

Chair-Elect: Jennifer Pierce, University of Minnesota
Council: Dana Britton, Kansas State University; and Kirsten Dellinger, University of Mississippi
Sally Hacker Award: Joey Sprague, University of Kansas

Section 10: Community and Urban Sociology

Chair-Elect: Neil Brenner, New York University
Council: Kyle Crowder, Western Washington University; and Lily Hoffman, City College-CUNY
Journal Oversight Committee: John R. Logan, Brown University; Barry Wellman, University of Toronto; Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College; Mario Luis Small, Princeton University; Jennifer A. Stoloff, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Section 11: Social Psychology

Chair-Elect: Judy Howard, University of Washington
Council: Karen Hegtvedt, Emory University; and Elizabeth Menaghan, Ohio State University
Section Bylaws Revision: Approved

Section 12: Peace, War, and Social Conflict

Chair-Elect: Lee Smithey, Swarthmore College
Council: Joyce Apsel, New York University; and Yuko Kurashina, University of Maryland-College Park

Section 13: Environment and Technology

Chair-Elect:Timmons Roberts, College of William and Mary
Membership Committee Chair: Beth Schaeffer Caniglia, Oklahoma State University
Teaching and Training Committee Chair: Lori Peek, University of Colorado

Section 14: Marxist Sociology

Chair-Elect: John Bellamy Foster, University of Oregon
Secretary-Treasurer: Jacqueline A. Carrigan, California State University-Sacramento
Council: Warren S. Goldstein, University of Central Florida; and Talmadge Wright, Loyola University-Chicago

Section 15: Sociological Practice

Chair-Elect: Kristine J. Ajrouch, Eastern Michigan University
Secretary-Treasurer: Leora Lawton, TechSociety Research
Council: Bob Dentler, University of Massachusetts-Boston; Alice Kroliczak, HIV/AIDS Bureau; and Sam Friedman, National Development and Research Institutes

Section 16: Sociology of Population

Chair-Elect: Herb Smith, University of Pennsylvania
Council: Lynne Casper, National Institutes of Health; and Richard Alba, University at Albany

Section 17: Political Economy of the World System

Chair-Elect: Tom Hall, DePauw University
Council: Jennifer Bickham-Mendez, College of William and Mary; and Ching Kwan Lee, University of Michigan

Section 18: Aging and the Life Course

Chair-Elect: Jacqueline Angel, University of Texas-Austin
Council: Debbie Carr, Rutgers University; and Sid Stahl, National Institute on Aging
Student Representative: Miles Taylor, Duke University

Section 19: Sociology of Mental Health

Chair-Elect: Deborah Umberson, University of Texas-Austin
Nominations Chair-Elect: Sara Rosenfeld, Rutgers University
Publications Chair-Elect: Michael Hughes, Virginia Tech
Council: Kristen Marcussen, Kent State University
Bylaws Revisions: Approved

Section 20: Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Chair-Elect: Rhys H. Williams, University of Cincinnati
Council: Jackie Smith, State University of New York-Stony Brook; and Nella Van Dyke, Washington State University
Nominations Committee: Nicole C. Raeburn, University of San Francisco
Publications Committee: Paul D. Almeida, Texas A&M University
Workshop Committee: Ellen Reese, University of California-Riverside

Section 21: Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Chair-Elect: Charles A. Gallagher, Georgia State University
Council: Deirdre A. Royster, College of William and Mary; and Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, American University
Graduate Student Representatives: Jason L. Rodriquez, University Of Massachusetts-Amherst; and Melinda A. Mills, Georgia State University

Section 22: Comparative and Historical Sociology

Chair-Elect: William Roy, University of California-Los Angeles
Secretary-Treasurer: Genevieve Zubrzycki, University of Michigan
Council: Marion Fourcade-Gourinchas, University of California-Berkeley; and Mara Loveman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Section 23: Political Sociology

Chair-Elect: Ann Orloff, Northwestern University
Secretary-Treasurer: Lynne Haney, New York University
Council: Steve Pfaff, University of Washington; and Gwen Moore, State University of New York-Albany

Section 24: Asia and Asian America

Chair-Elect: Zhenchao Qian, Ohio State University
Council: Nadia Kim, Brandeis University; and Sara Lee, Kent State University
Student Member: Jamie Mihoko Doyle, University of Pennsylvania

Section 25: Sociology of Emotions

Secretary-Treasurer: Linda E. Francis, State University of New York-Stony Brook
Council: Kathryn J. Lively, Dartmouth College

Section 26: Sociology of Culture

Chair-Elect: Chandra Mukerji, University of California-San Diego
Secretary-Treasurer: Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Indiana University
Council: Denise Bielby, University of California-Santa Barbara; and Tia DeNora, University of Exeter
Graduate Student Member: Isaac Reed, Yale University

Section 27: Science, Knowledge, and Technology

Chair-Elect: Kelly Moore, Brooklyn College
Secretary-Treasurer: Kelly Joyce, College of William & Mary
Council: Andrew Lakoff, University of California-San Diego; and Jason Owen-Smith, University of Michigan
Student Representative: Chris Ganchoff, University of California-San Francisco

Section 28: Communication and Information Technologies

Secretary-Treasurer: Shelia R. Cotton, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Council: Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University; and Anabel Quan-Haase, University of Western Ontario

Section 29: Latino/a Sociology

Chair-Elect: Jose Zapata Calderon, Pitzer College
Secretary-Treasurer: Julie A. Dowling, University of California-Santa Barbara
Council: Gabriela Sandoval, University of California-Santa Cruz; and Ed A. Munoz, University of Wyoming

Section 30: Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs

Chair-Elect: Dale Chitwood, University of Miami
Council: Carrie Oser, University of Kentucky

Section 31: Children and Youth

Chair-Elect: Elizabeth Cooksey, Ohio State University
Secretary-Treasurer: April Brayfield, Tulane University
Council: Laura Fingerson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Katherine Rosier, Central Michigan University; and Ling Xin Hao, Johns Hopkins University

Section 32: Sociology of Law

Chair-Elect: Kitty Calavita, University of California-Irvine
Council: John Sutton, University of California-Santa Barbara; Richard Lempert, University of Michigan; and Erin Kelly, University of Minnesota

Section 33: Rationality and Society

Chair-Elect: Edgar Kiser, University of Washington
Secretary-Treasurer: Brent Simpson, University of South Carolina
Council: Denise Anthony, Dartmouth College

Section 34: Religion

Chair-Elect: Mark Chaves, University of Arizona
Council: Melissa Wilde, Indiana University; and David Smilde, University of Georgia
Student Representative: Mary Ellen Konieczny, University of Chicago

Section 35: International Migration

Chair-Elect: Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College
Council: Nancy Foner, Hunter College
Student Representative: Stephanie Nawyn, University of South Carolina

Section 36: Race, Gender and Class

Chair-Elect: Anthony J. Lemelle, Jr., University of California
Secretary-Treasurer: Anne R. Roschelle, State University of New York-New Paltz
Council: Celine-Marie Pascale, University of California-Santa Cruz; and Melanie E. L. Bush, Brooklyn College

Section 37: Mathematical Sociology

Chair-Elect: Douglas Heckathorn, Cornell University, Russell Sage Foundation
Secretary-Treasurer: James Moody, Ohio State University
Council: Eugene Johnsen, University of California-Santa Barbara; and Michael Macy, Cornell University
Student Representative: Robb Willer, Cornell University

Section 38: Sexualities

Chair-Elect: Suzanna Danuta Walters, Indiana University-Bloomington
Council: Joane Nagel, University of Kansas; and Mary Bernstein, University of Connecticut
Student Representative: Kristen Schilt, University of California-Los Angeles; and Julie E. Hartman, Michigan State University

Section 39: History of Sociology

Chair-Elect: Eleanor Townsley, Mount Holyoke College
Council: Uta Gerhardt, Heidelberg University; and Betsy Lucal, Indiana University-South Bend

Section 40: Economic Sociology

Chair-Elect: Bruce G. Carruthers, Northwestern University
Council: Frank Dobbin, Harvard University; and Mauro F. Guillen, University of Pennsylvania

Section 41: Labor and Labor Movements

Chair-Elect: Rick Fantasia, Smith College
Secretary-Treasurer: Bruce Nissen, Florida International University
Council: Carolina Bank Munoz, Brooklyn College-CUNY

Section 42: Animals and Society

Chair-Elect: Leslie Irvine, University of Colorado
Council: Jessica Greenebaum, Central Connecticut State University; and Helene Lawson, University of Pittsburgh-Bradford
Bylaws Amendment: Approved

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