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Candidate Biographical Instructions

Section Election Biographical Information Instructions

All Candidates are invited to send in relevant biographical information for the election. Candidates to section offices will be contacted by our election vendor in January with a link to enter their information on a website. This information will be made available on ASA's electronic ballot and may also be included in Section Newsletters to educate members about the Candidates. All biographical information should be entered into the ballot by February 28th. Please keep your biographical entries and statements parsimonious. Candidates are fully responsible for the accuracy, content and copy editing of their biographies.

For your reference and convenience the questions are listed below:


Former Professional Positions Held

Please provide your three most recent professional positions relevant to sociology with most recent first. Please provide title/rank, place of employment, and dates of employment for each position.



Please provide your three most recent degrees earned, listing the most recent degree earned first. For each, please provide the degree earned, the institution from which it was earned, and the year it was received. For example: “PhD, ABC University, 2001.” ASA style is to list degrees without periods (e.g., PhD rather than Ph.D.).



Please provide a list of no more than five (5) of your publications, both books and articles, with the most recent first. The American Sociological Association Style Guide provides the following direction on listing publications:

Include the first names and surnames for all authors – use first-name initials only if an author used initials in the original publication.
For items with multiple authors, only the first author’s name is inverted (e.g., Jones, Arthur B., Colin D. Smith, and James Petersen).
Book titles should be italicized and not underlined.


Offices, Committee Memberships, and Editorial Appointments Held in ASA:


Personal Statement

Candidates for all ASA offices may provide a personal statement regarding their candidacy. Personal statements should explain to members why the candidate is seeking office and why he or she feels qualified to be elected. Please limit such statements to no more than 150 words.





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