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The American Sociological Association is pleased to announce the 2018 slate of candidates for ASA Officers, Committee on Nominations, Committee on Publications, and Committee on Committees. Ballots for the 2018 ASA election will be distributed to eligible members in April 2018. Voting will close on 5 p.m. eastern on Friday, June 1, 2018. Ballots will be sent out via email from "" Please add this e-mail address to the permitted senders list on your spam filter to ensure timely delivery of your ballot.

President-Elect (Vote for 1)

              Christine Williams, University of Texas-Austin
              David R. Williams, Harvard University

Vice President-Elect (Vote for 1)

              Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
              Victor Rios, University of California-Santa Barbara

Secretary-Elect (Vote for 1)

              Ashley “Woody” Doane, University of Hartford
              Nancy López, University of New Mexico

Council Members-at-Large (Vote for 4)

              Kelly H. Chong, University of Kansas
              Pawan Dhingra, Tufts University
              David Embrick, University of Connecticut
              Derek Hyra, American University 
              Jose Itzigsohn, Brown University 
              Wendy Leo Moore, Texas A&M University
              Jennifer Reich, University of Colorado Denver
              Sara Shostak, Brandeis University                            

Committee on Committees                                   

Members-at-Large (Vote for 2)

              Susan Ferguson, Grinnell College
              Cecilia Menjivar, University of Kansas
              Mignon Moore, Barnard College
              CJ Pascoe, University of Oregon                            

PhD Granting Institution (Vote for 1)

              Shannon N. Davis, George Mason University
              Waverly Duck, University of Pittsburgh                            

Non-Academic Institution (Vote for 1)

              Terceira Berdahl, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
              Lynda Laughlin, U.S. Census Bureau                                                         

Committee on Nominations (Vote for 5)

              Cawo Abdi, University of Minnesota
              Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Princeton University
              Lorena Garcia, University of Illinois-Chicago
              David S. Meyer, University of California-Irvine
              Dina Okamoto, Indiana University
              Richard Pitt, Vanderbilt University
              Rebecca Romo, Santa Monica College
              Deidre Tyler, Salt Lake Community College
              Karolyn Tyson, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
              Christopher Winship, Harvard University

Committee on Publications (Vote for 3)

              Syed Ali, Long Island University-Brooklyn
              Claudia Buchmann, Ohio State University
              Philip N. Cohen, University of Maryland-College Park
              Claire Decoteau, University of Illinois-Chicago
              Belinda Robnett, University of California-Irvine
              Kristen Schilt, University of Chicago


Bylaws Amendment
In order to clarify ambiguities in the current language and better align ASA’s bylaws with current practice, some amendments to Article V, Section 3 are proposed for membership consideration. Click here to learn more about the proposed amendments. The ASA Council has approved putting this proposal on the ballot. 

ASA Code of Ethics Amendment
This proposed revision was drafted after several years of work by a revision committee with members Thomas Lee Van Valey (Chair), Earl Babbie, Guillermina Jasso, John Kennedy, and Roberta Lessor. Feedback was gathered from ASA members and drafts were reviewed by the Committee on Professional Ethics. Ultimately, ASA Council approved putting this proposal on the ballot for full membership consideration. Click here for a summary of changes and the proposed revised version. 


Additional candidates may be added via petition. Petitions supporting additional candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Vice President-Elect, and Secretary must be signed by at least 100 voting-eligible ASA members; additional candidates for other positions must be signed by at least 50 voting-eligible members. All petitions must be submitted by January 31, 2018. 

Regular, student, retired and life members are eligible to vote in all ASA-wide elections and in the elections for the sections in which they have membership. Associate, International Associate, and High School Teacher members are eligible to vote only in the section elections for which they have membership.  Membership must be active as of March 31, 2018 to receive a ballot. If you have any questions regarding the election, please email


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